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Girls Can! Crate Is Great For Your Little Girl!

Girls Can! Crate

Girls Can! Crate Is Great For Your Little Girl!

Want your girls to explore some fearless woman role models? Then Girls Can! Crate is perfect for your little girl.  They not only learn about these women but they have greats activities in science and art.  This kits is perfect to start our little girls out with the confidence they can do anything!

Girls Can! Crate includes activities, collectible button, small story book, and great tips to empower any girl you know!

From Marie Curie to Bessie Coleman, Irena Sendler to Florence Nightingale, Patsy Mink to Malala – GIRLS CAN! CRATE inspires girls to BE and DO anything by introducing them to fearless women who made the world better.

Girls are AWESOME and have been changing the world FOREVER. Yet, in 2018, most products designed for girls are about princesses, beauty, and care taking. Between 3-4 years old, little ones begin to adopt gender stereotypes and girls start to define some things, like math and science, as being “for boys.” As they grow, studies show that girls are less likely to think they have “what it takes.” They think girls deserve more!

They created GIRLS CAN! CRATE to show girls how AMAZING they are and they think role models are a big part of that. Did you know that when Bessie Coleman was told she couldn’t become a pilot in America, she taught herself French, sailed across the ocean, and became the first American to earn an International Pilot’s License? Or that Patsy Mink was rejected from 20 medical schools because she was female, so she became a congresswoman and wrote Title IX to end gender discrimination in educational programs? How amazing is that?!

Girls enjoy all this “crate” has to offer.  It keeps them busy until the next month.  Soon they will be asking you when they get their next kits.  Since they receive this special box delivered to them they really know how special they are.


GIRLS CAN! CRATE is a unique subscription box to inspire girls 5-10 by celebrating fearless women who helped make the world better.

These kits are full of great things like a planting project, beads, magnets and a lot more.  I love the welcome card explaining how to share your finished project for all to see.  This book was about Wangari Maathai. She was the first female in all eastern and central Africa to earn a doctorate degree.  She went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching women how to get themselves out of poverty by planting trees, which helped them earn a living, and in turn make their country better.

Also in the book is a recipe, about conserving water, puzzles, what people wear in Kenya, and how to make the activities that are in the box.  So very little is wasted of this box because they can use the box to make a plant nursery.  This is so much fun with easy activities any child will enjoy.  They can share with a friend, boy or girl, by doing the activities together.  I think the little girls

Each GIRLS CAN! CRATE introduces girls to a new role model and includes: a 28-page GIRLS CAN! activity book telling her unique story, 2-3 hands-on science or art activities related to her field, a tote bag (in your first crate), a collectible button, practical tips for parents to help empower girls, and MORE.

The mini-mailer is a smaller version of our crate and includes: a 20-page GIRLS CAN! activity book, one science or art activity, a collectible sticker, plus tips for parents on empowering girls.

Each GIRLS CAN! CRATE is thoughtfully designed in order to build confidence and curiosity and help girls grow more fearlessly themselves! Can it get even better? You betcha! On top of all that, your purchase makes it possible for us to donate crates to nonprofit organizations working to empower girls.









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  1. I have 2 daughters that would absolutely love this. What a creative idea. I love that everything comes with the crate and the ideas are very nice and a great way for my daughters to learn and build things on their own.

  2. My granddaughter would love this. She really enjoys science and art. I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I love the idea behind this. Little girls today are lucky to find this kind of encouragement. I hope it helps build a generation of confident, strong girls.

  4. What a cute subscription to sign up for! I have two daughters and I know they would absolutely love these kits. Thank you so much for sharing!

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