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Give Mom A State Scented Candle

I guess I have never thought about what Michigan smells like.  No Place Like Home Candles thought of the smells from each state and if they all smell anything like Michigan, you will love them.  I could not quite figure out the smell of the Michigan candle I received.  I read the card that came with it, according to this, my state candle is cherry and a touch lake breeze.  That is scents that work to make this candle smell like no other, and honestly smells wonderful.

These state soy wax candles are made in the USA.  These are 4 x 4 x 4 and are 9 ounces.  I wish I could get huge candles like these, but since these are hand poured I understand why I can’t.  Honestly if I had to give up the scent then I will stick with this size, it is that good.  My home smells awesome when I burn this candle.

These candles make great gifts for anyone that moved away and will appreciate the essence.  Plus anyone that loves their state this makes a nice gift for them.  Maybe you want to send it to someone that lives in another state to let them know how great your state smells!  This comes in a secure box so you could wrap it or just put a bow on it.
This would be a wonderful gift for Mom for Mother’s Day.  Maybe someone’s birthday is coming up, this is a fun gift for this person.  State Scented Candles makes a terrific gift for teachers.

Order your state candle so you know exactly what you are getting.  I think you will be amazed at the incredible scented state candle.

Here are just a few other states candles:

Hawaii: From volcanoes and Waikiki Beach, to The Napali Coast and white sand beaches. Our Hawaii scented candle will have you feeling right at home with the scent of sweet ripened pineapples, hibiscus, and a little bit of coconut. The Aloha State!

Alaska: From the Northern Lights and majestic wilderness, to The Gold Rush and Mt. McKinley. Our Alaska scented candle will have you feeling right at home with the scents of dense spruce forest, fresh fallen snow, and a hint of Alaska wild berries. The Last Frontier!

Kentucky: From The Wild Cats and Jim Bean, to Hot Brown Sandwiches and the Red River Gorge. Our Kentucky scented candle will have you feeling right at home with the scent of beautiful goldenrod meadows mixed with a little Kentucky maple and bourbon, of course. The Bluegrass State!

California: There’s no place like home! From sun drenched beaches and Hollywood, to San Francisco and the Redwood National Park. Our California scented candle will have you feeling right at home with the scent of sunshine mixed with fresh ocean breezes rolling in off the Pacific. The Golden State!

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  1. This is a cool idea! I had just lit a candle right before seeing this post, Salt Mist Rose, the scent sounds like one that could be a state candle! I love going to our eastern states fair, and going to each state’s building, it is one of my favorite parts!

  2. These are awesome candles, I love the idea of them being State scented! I would definitely love to receive one, and I don’t know very many that wouldn’t. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

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