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Give The Kids The Gift Of Art

The Art Box Academy kids will love their gift of art

Give The Kids The Gift Of Art

Kids love to make art. When they are young they are more willing to try new things and you can teach them easier.  Give the the gift of art and making their own artwork is something they will always remember.  The gift of art gives them a chance to be free with their imagination.

With The Art Box Academy, kids will love their gift of art.  Art education enriches every child.  Kids love to learn and love to learn using artwork even more. The Art Box Academy offer signature and specialty Art Boxes and Lesson Bundles featuring the great Master Artists and Architects, designed to promote and enhance children’s creativity.

From Foundational Lessons inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright to Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, The Art Box Academy is available to help your child reach developmental milestones, sharpen critical thinking, strengthen fine motor skills, increase complex problem solving and build creative resilience. The lessons in this kit let children expand their ability to create, invent, and discover something new!

Thumbs Up for the Signature Architecture Box

Their Signature Architecture Box inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright plus 5 Additional Projects!

Art Box Includes:

  • Architecture Lesson Inspired By Frank Lloyd Wright
    Includes: Foundation Board, Wooden Cubes, Wooden Artist Sticks, Wooden Mosaic Squares, Glue Bottle, Instructional Art Card, and Artist Bio
  • Foam Engineering Cubes
  • Wooden Frame Kit
    Includes: Wooden Frame, Rhinestone Gems and Stones, and Glue Bottle
  • Design Your Own Puzzle
  • Sketchbook
  • Artist Markers

Great for individual creative learning, learning pods, birthday parties, playdates, scout groups, and more.

Contents of the Fairy Art Box

Their Specialty Fairy Box inspired by Vincent Van Gogh plus 5 Additional Projects! Twinkling, Sparkling, color-filled art fun – here we come!

Each Fairy Art Box includes:

Lesson Inspired By Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises
Includes: Canvas Board, Set of Four Paints, Two Artist Brushes, Palette, Instructional Lesson Card and Artist Bio
Dazzling Fairy Wings
Flower Garland & Wishing Wand
Terracotta Flower Pot with Sparkles, Glitter Glue & Seeds
Keepsake Treasure Frames with Jewels & Stones
Colorful Sketch Book & Artist Markers
Whimsical Wooden Garden Windmill
Watercolor Paint Pack

They have more great boxes. Inspired your little artist with the gift of art. This will be their favorite gift for years to come.

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  1. This is an awesome art box to get your kids! My kids are kind of obsessed with art and creating something every day. The favorite here is modeling clay, there are so many possibilities with what they can make. Thank you so much for sharing!

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