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Goodtimer Teach Kids Good Habits


Goodtimer Teach Kids Good Habits

We all want our children to grow up and be a good person.  We want them to learn from mistakes and treat people well.  How do you teach that? How do we Teach Kids Good Habits? This is where Goodtimer can help us! This will help teach our children manners and just good habits through positive reinforcement.

Goodtimer is the world’s first habit-forming, family toy and tech gadget, backed by neuroscience, that encourages children to form awesome habits using positivity, tangible incentives, and family participation.

Positive reinforcement is a great way for our kids to learn about consequences while it not being anything drastic.  One of the things they help with is a good bedtime routine.  Just think, no more fighting with the kids to make for sure they get enough sleep.  Their patented approach changes the discipline dynamic by using positive reinforcement to encourage young children to form good habits that last!

Goodtimer encourages good habits in a genius way that would make Einstein proud. Goodtimer is more innovative and effective than behavior charts, making parenting easy with engaging, educational play that reinforces healthy habits.

This is easy, fun and effective for the whole family. Goodtimer’s proven framework allows for a fully customizable experience, and the physical device is both a great way to monitor kids and a fun incentive for everyone to keep at it.

When your child is making good choices and following your house rules, they begin earning Good Time by turning it right-side-up. When enough Good Time has been earned, the device dispenses a physical token kids can collect and save.

It’s your home, so it’s your rules. Each Goodtimer includes a children’s book that tells Goodtimer’s charming back story, explains how the device works, and most importantly, gives you the tools you need to help your child succeed at making good choices. While reading the book, parents and kids will have an opportunity to clarify house rules, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and is working together to earn Good Time.

When pre-programmed Good Time milestones are reached, Goodtimer dispenses reusable tokens as an additional form of positive reinforcement. These tokens can be saved and exchanged for additional incentives decided by your family. Similar to an allowance, tokens must be earned with consistent behavior over time. Since Goodtimer tokens are tangible, young children can easily understand how their behavior affects their performance.

This makes the stress level in your home go down and now you an enjoy your kids more. This is a great tool that every parent should get for their homes.



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