Got A Loved One Who’s Feeling Down? Get Creative & Cheer Them Up!

Got A Loved One Who’s Feeling Down? Get Creative & Cheer Them Up!

We’ve all been where you are now – a loved one is feeling a little down in the dumps. Whether it’s a family member or a close friend who is struggling right now, it’s easy to feel completely powerless when it comes to helping them to start to feel better. All you can really do is stand by and ask them how you can help – you probably feel saddened by the fact that you are powerless to make them feel happier again. 

Sometimes there’s a reason that someone is feeling down, other times there’s no reason at all. Right now, with the pandemic that we are living through, more people than ever before are struggling to control their emotions. It’s a hard time for many of us, and it’s important to remember that it’s okay not to be okay. However, as the loved one of someone who is struggling, it’s not easy just sitting by, is it? 

While seeing a loved one feeling so down can be a difficult position to be in, it’s important to remember that there are ways that you can show your friend or family member that you’re there for them and that you care for them. It’s just a case of getting creative, that’s all. Wondering how you can go about cheering them up and showing them that you care deeply about their wellbeing? 

To help you put a smile back on a friend or family member’s face, below are some tips and ideas to take note of. While you cannot change how your loved one is feeling indefinitely, you can help to cheer them up. 

Got A Loved One Who’s Feeling Down

Send a handwritten letter 

If your loved one is someone who enjoys receiving mail, then why not surprise them with a beautifully written letter? Source some lovely stationery – or pick out some themed stationery that fits with a private joke the two of you share or links to something that they’re passionate about – and spend some time crafting a handwritten letter to help put a smile back on their face. Talk about some of the memories that the two of you share, remember the good times – make your letter a boost of happiness in an envelope, something to help lift their spirits when they need it most. 

Surprise them with a virtual games night 

When it comes to getting their mind off of their problems, there’s no better way to do that than with a virtual games night. Set up a Zoom call, organise some games that can be easily played virtually – games consoles are great for this – and spend the evening playing games and having fun together. To make things a little more interesting, you could invite a couple of other close friends to join you too. Just make sure to ask your loved one if they’re up for more people, before you invite them to join you. 

Create an uplifting playlist 

Music is exceedingly powerful. Often, there’s no better way to put a smile on someone’s face than with a feel good tune. So, to help give your loved one who is feeling down a lift, why not spend some time creating a playlist for them, packed full of lots of inspirational and upbeat tunes to help put them into a better mood. You could even opt to theme the playlist, such as creating a playlist called ‘Feeling Blue’ and themeing it around blue-related upbeat songs, for instance. Have some fun and create a playlist that you know your loved one will appreciate.

Send them flowers 

Brighten up your friend’s home with a bouquet of beautiful blooms. If you know what your loved one’s favourite flowers are, select a bunch of these and send them to their home, along with a cute and kind note. If you’re unsure what their go-to flowers would be, pick a bunch of random flowers that look bright and beautifully cheerful. There’s something about flowers – the bright, bold colours make them ideal for helping to cheer anyone up. Not sure what flowers to opt for? You can’t really go wrong with sunflowers – they’re bright yellow and wonderfully cheerful. 

Feeling Down

Surprise them with a subscription box 

Why not surprise your loved one with a little something that will be delivered every month – aka a subscription box? There are so many wonderful subscription boxes to choose from, from gourmet sweet boxes and monthly gardening gifts to music subscription boxes and smoking subscription boxes – there are plenty of options to choose from. Say, for instance, your friend loves to read, you could opt to get them a reading subscription box. Or, if they’re mad about beauty, you could pick out a beauty subscription box. There are so many options to choose from, from a smoking subscription box to a cooking one – the options are limitless. Pick a box that you know your friend will love and appreciate. 

Have sweet treats delivered 

Does your friend or family member have somewhat of a sweet tooth? If the answer is yes, why not think about having some sweet treats delivered to their home. Whether it’s gourmet candy they’re crazy about or brownies that they love, there are plenty of companies offering sweet treat deliveries. While a delivery of their favourite sweet snacks might seem like a small thing, it’s the little things that can have the biggest impact when you’re feeling down. If you’re somewhat of a keen baker, then you could spend some time baking a number of their favourite sweet treats and delivering them personally to their door. Whether it’s cupcakes they love, blondies they’re made about, or meringues, they’ll appreciate any sweet treat that you make them. After all, it’s the thought that counts. 

Plan a picnic 

Sometimes, being stuck in the house can have a serious impact on a person’s wellbeing and happiness, which is why planning a picnic – a socially distanced one of course – could be a great way to help your friend or family member to start to feel a little happier. Plan an afternoon of fun; pack a lovely lunch, take some outdoor games, and spend some quality time together enjoying being outside. Sometimes, a change of scenery can be all it takes to help cheer someone up. 

Have a cup of tea together 

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, all you need is to spend some quality time with a friend or loved one. Sometimes, a cup of tea and a chat can be all it takes to make someone feel that little bit better. If a loved one is feeling down, why not organise a weekly meetup where the two of you get together, have a cup of tea, and have a nice long chat. You could either opt to do this in your friend or loved one’s garden or if you’re social distancing and don’t want to go to their home, you could always meet at a local park instead. It’s amazing how much better your loved one will feel after a nice cup of tea and a chat. Sometimes, getting things off of your chest can be all it takes to start to feel happier and more content. 

Video call regularly to keep in touch 

Keeping in touch with a loved one who is feeling down is important; sometimes loneliness can contribute to feeling blue. Make a conscious effort to keep in touch with your loved one by arranging regular video calls. It’s not always easy to make time to keep in touch with people, but if someone you care about is struggling, it’s important that you make a conscious effort to do so. Set up a regular day and time each week that you can video call them at, and spend an hour or so chatting to each other and catching up. It really is the little things like this that make the biggest difference when someone is feeling down. 

The fact is that when someone is feeling down, just being there for them is one of the very best things that you can do for them. It’s not easy cheering up a loved one who is feeling down – especially right now – however the tips and ideas above should help to put a smile back on their face, even if only briefly. 

It’s important to note that if your loved one seems to be struggling with a little more than just ‘being down’ and has depression, that encouraging them to seek medical help is important. If you’re concerned that this is the case, broach the subject with your loved one and encourage them to seek some extra help and support. 

Sometimes, when someone is struggling, you have to realise that it will take time for them to start to feel better again. However, by doing little things to cheer them up and put a smile back on their face, you can help to make them feel better, more quickly. Hopefully, the tips and ideas above will help you to offer your loved one plenty of support, kindness and care while they’re struggling. 


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