Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipes

Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipes

Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipes

Greasy range hoods, oily bicycle chains, gunky camping pans … there’s no end to what you may wind up dealing with this summer — and if there’s no soap around, it makes life hard. But, Grease Monkey Wipes work harder. Designed to tackle grease, grime, oil, road tar, adhesives and even permanent marker, the citrus formula cleans it all from hands, as well as from surfaces like stainless steel. The tough material makes each sheet last, and they even smell good and won’t dry out your hands. Made in the U.S.A., Grease Monkey Wipes are perfect for any time you play dirty with bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors and mowers, boats, cars and trucks.

We tested these in a few different ways.  First behind and above the stove, well it easily passed this test and nothing has made it easier to clean up after the fish fry Fridays!  Then I went to the garage.  I found some toys hubby said was clean, well I didn’t.  These wipes took off the grease and made it easier to hold on to a tool.  You can really feel the difference.  The wipes did not want to fall apart no matter how hard I pushed to get even the tiny areas clean.  Keeping tools cleans will make them last longer. I like that you can buy these several ways on Amazon.

Some reviews on Amazon::

Excellent wipes, they work better than Scrubs ! They clean your hands completely, you can rinse your hands with water before eating but there is no need to use any other products or that pink soap at work. Also, you can use them many times during the day without getting dry hands. Of course, you might get dry hands if you overuse them but even if you do your hands won’t look as prunes.

If you are a “clean freak” about your bike and it’s drive train this product is for you. A bike buddy handed me one of these after a ride and said, “check this out.” With nothing but the wipe I cleaned the chain, the front crank and the rear cassette. It removed 95% of the grease and grime from all three! The drive train sparkled. I will never use anything else. No brushes, sprays, rags or “mechanical gadgets.” Recommend very highly! !!

A friend turned me on to these. So glad he did! They smell GREAT! and the do a heck of a job cleaning! They aren’t over saturated w/ liquid, and do clean grease efficiently. I use it on my range, my range hood, and my smoker. This will definitely be in the regular order column for me!

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  1. These little wipes are so handy. I keep a couple of these wipe packets in my little saddle bag on my bike. This product is the only way to go

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