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Green Kid Crafts Kits Learning and Fun All together! @greenkidcrafts

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts Kits Learning and Fun All together!

Betty was here visiting and this was the perfect time to get into the Green Kid Crafts kit, but I had a quick doctor appointment and when I came back her and Papa had done things a little different.  This Green Kid Crafts Kits was great for Betty to learn about transportation, buildings, roads, and street signs, so altogether a little, big city.  This city ended up a fire department, 2 police stations, airport, and a lot more.

All kids love to play cars and this one they paint the way they want it to look, Betty’s ended up black with a few other colors.  She did not realize the map was there until I got home, so I was able to show her how to set it up. While I was gone Papa helped her get some cardboard and she painted her own road and played with that and the driveway.

Everything you need comes in the kit, the car is premade from wood, paint, paint brush, popsicle sticks, stickers, clay, map, and more.  I love that this is made from recycled material.

Here is the map and instruction.

It is amazing how much is in this kit.

This comes in different age groups, 2 – 4 yrs, 5 – 10 yrs, and 10+ yrs.  Hands-on science and art kits delivered each month.

Green Kid Crafts launched with the vision of helping to raise the next generation of creative leaders. Like so many of the best children’s products, Green Kid Crafts is a mother’s invention, created by a working mom and environmental scientist whose personal experiences taught her how important it is for children to exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them.

At Green Kid Crafts, their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) subscriptions create those opportunities, and certainly spark the imagination! Our products deliver discovery, learning and fun to children ages 2-10+, and we’ve also built a wonderful community of parents, grandparents and educators that share our vision. All together, we have built a business that we are incredibly proud of. Our program has won a variety of awards including Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products, Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, Red Tricycle’s Award for Most Awesome Subscription Service and many more.

Green Kid Crafts think a green company is one that not only strives for sustainability but takes a step beyond to try and create positive change. As a company founded by an environmental scientist, it makes sense that Green Kid Crafts is committed to ensuring that all of their activities, from process to product, have as little an impact on the environment as possible. Further, they view their work as a way to foster the next generation of environmental stewards by engaging kids with nature in positive, creative ways.

Through their partnership with CarbonFund, they offset 100% of the carbon dioxide generated by their business and help fund the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects across the US.

Through their partnership with OneTreePlanted, they plant one tree for every order that you place.

Green Kid Crafts boxes are 100% recycled. They minimize packaging and printing and use recycled materials. Their kits are bundled in special bags that are made of 100% recycled materials. They integrate sustainability into our box themes as much as possible.

They give back. They are carbon neutral and at least 1% of sales are donated to environmental organizations through their membership in 1% for the Planet.

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  1. This is such a great idea, my kids would love these kits! And I love that they plant a tree for every order that is placed.

  2. I love the environmental responsibility of this company. It’s a dream that one day the majority of companies will be so eco conscious!

  3. The Green Kid Crafts Kits look really fun, creative, and something the whole family can do together. I think this is a great gift! Building and painting your own green town would make kids proud. I know my grandkids would want to add on to it. Doing these crafts would keep them busy for a while 😍 This was pin worthy and I shared on Twitter. Thank you for sharing! I have more birthday gift ideas 🎁

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