Groove Life Belts Are Made Tough

Groove Life Belts Are Made Tough

Groove Life Belts Are Made Tough

If any man needs a belt that is both functional and comfortable then the Groove Life Belts is for him. This belt is built tough, flexible, and keeps their pants up.  No more of the plumbers butt showing, this belt stays in place! With a magnet nothing like I have ever seen, this belt doesn’t slip apart and come apart.  Groove Belts are a whole new look at what a belt should be.

The belt is made with curl-resistant webbing.  This is tough and should last a long time.  Leather belts can be uncomfortable, not this Groove Live Belt.  It’s due to the flexibility the webbing has.  It’s stiff enough to look good while only you have to know it gives a little in case you need the extra room once in awhile.

These have neodymium magnets to hold this belt together.  It slides into the slot and you can’t pull it apart, thus keeping the pants on and in place.  To take the belt off just push the buckle in and bend the one side toward you, super easy.  This is tough. My husband tried to pull it apart and he could not then when I showed him how to take it apart he was really excited.  The magnet snaps the buckle in perfect place and you can unlatch with one hand.

This is the back of the belt when put together.  This not only an impressive magnet it is a nice looking belt.  This can be used with dress pants or jeans.  We both thought the quality was really good.  He is a bigger man and this holds his pants up without any issues.  This belt is excellent compared to a regular uncomfortable leather belt. More comfort while bending and stretching, no matter how you move your pants will now stay where they belong!

The buckle uses high strength, neodymium magnets for an easy, seamless snap-on/snap-off. And includes what they refer to as Stiff-Tech™ (aka: no folding in your belt loops).

These belts make great gifts.  Whether construction worker or an accountant, this belt will be loved by every man! The belts come in a variety of colors from black to walnut/deep stone.

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