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Gryphon Wifi Router With Parental Controls

Gryphon Wifi Router With Parental Controls

Gryphon provides protection against phishing, hacking, and malware attacks by automatically blocking access to dangerous and fraudulent websites, especially important due to the increase in predatory emails circulating since the Corona pandemic.

Gryphon Wifi Router With Parental Controls is a better type of WiFi router.  This sets up very easily and amounts to installing the iOS or Android App then following the instructions. Those instructions are, you register for an account, plug in the router, scan the QR code and the router is paired with your account and app and is ready to be configured. Initial setup from unboxing to an active WiFi signal ready for connection is less than 5 minutes.

After setup is completed you’ll go into the app and start examining devices connecting to the Gryphon. Each new device connects automatically to the ‘Guest’ user profile. From there, it’s up to you to select the device, label the type of device it is, then assign it to a user group for granular restrictions/control over the device.

This Gryphon wifi router with parental controls is a reasonable price to pay to give you coverage of the internet throughout your home. Monster WiFi coverage and lightning speeds to every connected device in your home no matter how many are streaming, browsing, or gaming at the same time. No WiFi dead zones or data bottlenecks.

The most affordable advanced security and parental control system on the market. Use as a standalone unit, combine 2 or more for seamless mesh WiFi coverage, or use as a mesh compatible expansion for your original Gryphon router. Comprehensive protection for your children from dangerous websites and promotes healthy online activities with screen time management.

Intelligent intrusion detection actively safeguards every connected device in your home WiFi network. Malware filtering powered by ESET Technology. FREE 6-months trial with new account and then optional paid subscription thereafter.

· AI Intrusion Detection System provides 24/7 security for all IoT devices
· Malware protection by ESET Technology for all internet connected devices
· Active network vulnerability scanning
· Ad blocking technology

AI intrusion detection protects your connected devices with 24/7 monitoring (i.e. security system, cameras, speakers & doorbells) against hackers and intruders. Malware filtering by ESET Technology.

No advanced degrees needed to run this powerhouse device. Setup in minutes and manage your WiFi network from anywhere using a smartphone and the Gryphon Connect app.

If you combine 2 or more routers you can securely expand your high speed WiFi coverage for larger or multi-level homes. You can even mix and match Gryphon router models for exact coverage you need.

Advanced Parental Controls

  • Create multiple users – safe for kids, unrestricted for adults
  • See website ratings with patented Crowd Ranking
  • View browsing history even if your child surfs with Incognito Mode
  • Limit Screen Time, Set Bedtimes/Homework Times
  • Suspend the Internet for dinner time
  • Enforce Safe Search & YouTube to hide inappropriate results
  • Grant approval to website or bedtime extension requests from anywhere, in real time

Advanced Internet Protection*

  • Block ransomware and malware from coming in your network with ESET technology
  • Protect your privacy with Intelligent Intrusion Detection
  • Scan devices for vulnerabilities
  • Daily security updates to prevent the latest threats with 24/7 protection while you sleep.
  • AD Blocker & Automatic Firmware Updates

Network Management

  • Smart network throughput optimization & Separate Guest WiFi
  • Intelligent hand offs for best coverage (requires WiFi mesh setup)
  • Prioritize a device on the network for zero video buffering (QoS)


  • AC1200 True Mesh WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n/AC
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band Radios – 2.4 GHz & 5GHz
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO & Antenna Beamforming, WPA3 Compatible
  • 1.2 Gbps overall throughput with up to 1800 sqft of coverage
  • 1 WAN Port + 1 Gigabit LAN port w/Ethernet Backhaul
  • Mesh WiFi Expandable with any Gryphon Router
  • Gryphon App requires iPhone/Android Mobile w/Bluetooth LE support
  • Includes – 6 Month Trial of Advanced Internet Protection* – Comprehensive Security that keeps you safe.
  • Includes – 3 Month Trial of Gryphon Homebound – Take your security and parental controls on the go.

Each Gryphon® Guardian includes (x1) WAN port and (x1) Gigabit LAN port. Ethernet backhaul ready.
Also includes 1-Year Hardware Warranty w/ Tech Support.

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  1. I know nothing about routers except to know mine is old and needs to be replaced. Thanks for all the info that certainly gives me a good reason to add Gryphon to the top of my list.

  2. So timely! My wife and I both are working online from home and it has been an issue to maintain bandwidth. Having the right technological tool is critical.

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