Hand-Blown Glass With epiphany studios

Hand-Blown Glass With epiphany studios

Hand-Blown Glass With epiphany studios

Isn’t this epiphany studios ring holder pretty?  I love it!  It has a little weight to it so it won’t tip over easily and the design is awesome.  This is just on of the Hand-Blown Glass With epiphany studios.  They have a lot more to choose from.  I remember seeing people creating hand-blown glass when I was young but nothing like this.  Their designs are beautiful and unique and make fantastic gifts for almost anyone. This is the Kaleidoscope Ring Holder. They have created a large variety of ring holders and of course more.

Pink & Blue Zanfirico Bowl

epiphany studios has created a lot of different items you will love.  They have things like paperweights, wine stoppers, bowls, ornaments, suncatchers, and a lot more.  When you want a unique gift that no one else has or gives, then this is the place to get your gift.

April Wagner is the creator of these items.  She is from Michigan.  Before graduating from college, April started epiphany, a business name synonymous with the collaborative efforts of glass-blowing artists. Over a decade later, her success is self-evident; with pieces in prominent collections around the world.

She now has a whole staff that works for her studios.  Their experience shows in the quality of this piece alone! It is a perfect piece for the rings I am not wearing but do not want to put away.  April has special pieces she has created that can be found in places like the Cobo Center in Detroit, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, and the Flagstar Strand Theater in Pontiac, MI.

My Mother loves cardinals since she is originally from Kentucky.  So would be the perfect gift for her.  This is called The Loving Cardinal. They have items in all sorts of price ranges so take your time and look around.

The studios also offers workshops. Workshops are approximately one-hour in length. To start, you will watch a short demonstration and pick out custom colors. With the help of their glass artists, you will make your own glass piece by working with the reheating chamber and hand tools. Finally, after the piece has cooled down to room temperature, they will sign and gift box it and it will be ready for you to pick up!

Remember Mother’s Day is coming up – get her a unique gift!

A boutique art studio located in Pontiac, MI, certified Woman Owned, creating unique gifts, vessels, and sculptures using molten glass at a 2000 furnace.

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  1. Glass art is absolutely gorgeous! I am loving all of the pieces on their website! The artist is truly talented and I would be proud to have one of her pieces.

  2. They have gorgeous pieces! The cardinal is so lovely. This would be a great site to find gifts for my sisters!

  3. The cardinal is extra special to me not only as a birder but in the fact that they make me think about my father (who has passed on)

  4. This is perfect! The work is stunning, and any of their pieces would make a wonderful gift! Thanks for the review!

  5. The hand-blown glass is beautiful. I would love to watch someone do this in person. We used to have someone in the area, but I didn’t find out about it till the day before they left. It is very fascinating to me.

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