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Hand & Footprints Inkless Ink Pads

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Hand & Footprints Inkless Ink Pads

Hand & Footprints Inkless Ink Pads

Want a handprint or footprint of your baby? Then you need to try these KeaBabies Hand & Footprints Inkless Ink Pads. They capture their imprint without making a mess. These Inkless Ink Pads can be used in other ways too.

I remember when Desiree was little I did a spy birthday party for her. I had an inkpad to take the kids’ fingerprint to put on an id I had made. This Inkless Ink Pad would have been so much less messy. We got through it but I am telling you that it would have been more fun for me without the mess.

Capture baby’s cute little hand and footprints with Inkless Ink Pads from KeaBabies, creating an adorable treasure for years to come! It’s so simple to use and takes less than a minute to create your very own unique newborn baby keepsakes. For the holidays, Seafoam, Ruby or Sky Blue are available.

You can use this to make a beautiful framed gift for Grandmas and others. Don’t make a mess on the baby when this is so much easier.

Designed to create your baby’s hand and footprints, keepsake ink without leaving ink residue on your baby’s hands and feet. KeaBabies clean touch ink pads use a “zero ink contact” imprinting method to allow beautiful stamping of your baby’s hands and feet on art cards, memory book journals and other paper-based baby keepsakes.

KeaBabies has a variety of items for the babies. They have all the perfect gift choices for Mom and the new babies. The next time you need a baby gift this is the place to go.




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