Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummies Are Delicious! #rwm, #ad, #HappyYummies

Happy Yummies

Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummies Are Delicious!

Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummies are delicious by themselves but what about using them for other things?  We decided to use them for decorating cookies and cupcakes, but they can be used on cakes or ice cream and many more products.  As good as these are don’t forget to enjoy their awesome flavor as you are decorating.  These delicious treats are available in several stores including Amazon!

This bag of Happy Yummies Gummies is made to fit in a stocking for all the gummy bears lovers out there.  Happy Yummies are “The World’s Greatest Gummie” and is available nationwide, the Big Bear Bag makes a great stocking stuffer!  If you have a large gift you can tape these right on the outside to make them look forward to opening that gift!

I wish I could get frosting with the full flavor like these gummies have, wow that would be good.  For a quick treat for the school holiday party pick up some cupcakes at the store, not forgetting the Happy Yummies Gummies.  Then lay them down on the frosting or stick them like they are standing up.  The kids will love it!

The kids helped me, getting started on the cookie decorating!  I think we ate more gummies than we used for the cookies.  Grab sprinkles, marshmallows, Happy Yummies Gummies, chocolate chips, anything sweet around your home and start decorating.  I pick up the precut cookies, then all I have to do is bake and decorate. We have fun doing this at different times of the year, not just the holidays!

Happy Yummies Worlds Best Tasting Gourmet Gummies Super Bear Assortment – The Best Tasting Gummies packed in an exclusive 14 oz bear package makes a great gift for someone special! Includes 14 flavors of gummy bears plus two extra special flavors. MSRP $9.50

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  1. Gummy Bears are my 3 year old daughter’s favorite treat. I love that this comes with so many different flavors. Usually, only a few flavors come in the pack of gummy bears we get. My daughter would absolutely love this.

  2. I love gummies even though I am an adult now. I am sure this would be a perfect holiday gift for my niece and nephew!

  3. (Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummies Are Delicious! #rwm, #ad, #HappyYummies) I have never tried these gummie bears before. I do like eating these type of gummies in the evening when I am watching my TV programs when I am craving something sweet.

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