Have a Lawyer in the Family

Lawyer in the Family

5 Reasons Why It’s Excellent to Have a Lawyer in the Family

It’s impossible to say what is going to interest your kids when they grow up. You might have a child who is not particularly ambitious, and they’re perfectly content working at a job that’s not too demanding. They might also want to become a lawyer or doctor, professions that require many years of dedication and study.

A lawyer in the family, though, is frequently one of the valuable things to have. In this article, we’ll talk about why that is.

You Can Use Them Instead of Having to Hire Outside Counsel

It’s true there are all sorts of different law practices and all types of different lawyers. If you have a lawyer in the family, though, they can often represent you in various capacities. That way, you don’t need to hire someone outside the family, which can potentially save you a great deal of money if your family member is willing to represent you gratis.

If you decide to use a family member instead of hiring a lawyer, though, make sure they know enough about the area of law for which you need them. If you need help in a particular law area, and the lawyer in your family knows virtually nothing about that niche, you’ll probably have no alternative but to hire someone else.

They Can Represent You if the Police Charge You with a Crime

If you have to appear in criminal court rather than civil court, that can intimidate you quite a bit. You might feel nervous about having to put on nice clothing and standing in front of a judge. Maybe you did not commit the crime of which the police accuse you, or perhaps you did.

Either way, it will comfort you if a family member can stand up next to you and argue on your behalf. If the individual in your family who’s a lawyer is also a criminal defense attorney, so much the better. They will know all about what to say and not say that will put you in the most legally advantageous situation based on the charges against you.

Half of doctors practise differently after being sued or complained about

They Can Advise You if You’re Suing Someone or Vice Versa

Perhaps you’re in a situation where you are thinking about suing someone, or maybe someone is bringing a lawsuit against you in civil court. That shouldn’t lead to jail time, but you might still have to pay a lot of money if the individual or entity suing you has a valid reason for doing so.

If you can talk to the practicing lawyer in your family and tell them what happened, they can instruct you to either proceed with the lawsuit or let the matter drop. If you are the one who someone is suing, they can tell you how best to defend yourself. 

Maybe you’ll use your family member to represent you in court during the civil trial if it comes to that. Perhaps they can recommend a colleague if they don’t think they are personally equipped to handle it.

They Can Help if You Need to Make Out Your Will

Maybe you decide the time is right for you to create your will. The lawyer in your family might be able to help you with that, or at least with the basics. They can tell you about different trusts that exist which you can set up for your family’s benefit.

They can also help if someone in the family dies, and you need to go through the probate process. Probate can be complex and confusing. Having a trusted family member to guide you through will make things much less stressful for the entire family.

They Can Help You with Your Taxes

Your family lawyer might be a tax attorney, or they may at least know how to help you when tax season comes around each year. Your family member can probably help you out by mentioning many of the write-offs that you wouldn’t know about if they weren’t there to suggest them.

There are hundreds of other ways that having a lawyer in the family can assist you. They can advise you whether to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, such as if a doctor does not meet the care standard and you decide you want to go after them for medical malpractice.

You seldom want to be in a situation where you’ll need a lawyer, but having a family member by your side should make things easier.


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