Have You Met The New Downy Wrinkle Release Plus? @DownyWRplus

Downy Wrinkle Release Plus was sent to me for review purposes only.  I was given free product for an honest review only, this company is not responsible for any information in this article.

Have You Met The New Downy Wrinkle Release Plus?

The Light Fresh Scent of Downy Wrinkle Release Plus refreshes fabric, eliminates odors, is a static remover, ironing aid, as well as removes wrinkles with just spraying and straightening/flattening the article of clothing, let dry, then those pesky wrinkles are GONE!  This features a new sturdier spray nozzle for a more even mist.

This will save ironing time by reducing/eliminating wrinkles.  Refresh your clothing after traveling and for other reasons with just a quick spray.  Reduces static cling so your pants legs will not look funny when you are walking.  It drives me crazy to have my clothing cause my hair to go crazy.

Downy Wrinkle Release Plus

I received this awesome box of goodies, I was so excited.  I have used this in the past and was not super excited over it.  Now it is a different story, they really put the Plus into this Downy Wrinkle Release Plus!  It smells so much better, it is nice to freshen up something I have not worn in a while, and I know I can find awesome Downy coupons to save money on this product when my sample runs out!

Desiree comes home from school and puts her shorts and favorite shirt on everyday.  Well since she will not let me wash these she gets sprayed down so it smells fresh.  I have to steal them to wash them and have not done it lately!
Downy Wrinkle Release Plus

Does the job, just let the item hang a few minutes! Saves pulling out the iron for quick touch ups!  I hate to iron anyways much much less when I have to set everything up and put it away.  Great for guys who will not iron also.

I have used this on my curtains also, just spray and they will look a lot neater in just a few minutes, plus they smell better.


Downy Wrinkle Release Plus Downy Wrinkle Release Plus Downy Wrinkle Release Plus



It only takes 2 squeezes and the fabric is wet down.  It dries quickly and the fabric looks a lot better.

We can all use a few extra minutes in our days, Downy Wrinkle Release Plus can give you a few minutes back by not having to iron things.  Plus the fresh scent, and no more static cling, it will make your life easier!

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I received these items to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I think that this new Downy is a great product. I received a travel size and have used it several times with great results.

  2. I love the added feature of it reducing static cling! That always seems to be an issue in my home during the fall/winter months.

  3. I did not realize that it was Downy Releaser Plus, I have not used this yet. The regular Downy was the one we’ve used. So I am excited to see how this new one works! I was happy with the first product. As it was. Plus the smell was awesome!!

  4. I didn’t realize this eliminates static cling also. Since we are going into winter(maybe-still upper 80’s here) when static increases I will definitely get this because the other static stuff doesn’t smell good and doesn’t work all that well. And I do not enjoy ironing.

  5. I use Downy products but have not tried this product out yet, I do love how fresh and fast it works.

  6. Thanks for a great review. I absolutely hate to iron, so this sounds amazing and the fact that it smells so good is an added bonus.

  7. This Product almost sounds too good to be true!! Takes care of static cling, takes care of wrinkles just by spraying and smoothing out the material. Plus it smells great..That I Know because I use downey Fabric Softner all the time in my wash!!Thank You for introducing me to the other wonderful side of Downey Products. I can’t wait to try them!

  8. I love this stuff!!! It saves me from ironing my husband’s dress shirts, so I definitely keep a bottle on hand!

  9. I really hate ironing but like wrinkle free clothing. I bring Downy wrinkle releaser when traveling because it not only helops with wrinkles but freshens up your clothing.

  10. This sounds like such a wonderful product, I have used Downy but not have tried this new
    wrinkle free Downy yet.

  11. Better late than never. I didn’t know Downey made this. I use Downey fabric sheets. This product will really help me as clothes comes out of the dryer wrinkled if I don’t get them out as soon as the dryer stops.

  12. On mornings that I am running late, this is a life saver. It’s incredible for travel too! My life would be so much more complicated without this product!!!! And I LOVE the smell! It freshens everything up. Please don’t EVER discontinue this product!!

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