Have You Tried Total Tech Support Powered by Geek Squad?

Have You Tried Total Tech Support Powered by Geek Squad?

We bought a big screen television recently.  Do you know what it takes to get this television hooked up to cable, DVD player, and internet?  Wow I just don’t have the patience.  This is where Best Buy’s Total Tech Support Powered by Geek Squad would have really helped us!

With all the holiday gifts out there, it helps to know we have help from the Total Tech Support Powered by Geek Squad!!  They can help with all the latest smart technologies and you want help to set up, maintain and service throughout the year for one low price.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you bought the product?  Sometimes I am up late and most support lines are closes at the times I need it, so this would be a huge help to me!  Think about it, even Sundays!!!

Appliances – Dishwasher, Over the range microwave, Gas appliances (dryer & range), and garbage disposal installations are all $49.99 each with Total Tech Support.

There is so many benefits to Best Buy’s Total Tech Support!

• Only $49.99 on in-home services
• 20% off Geek Squad Protection & AppleCare Products
• Many included services including virus removal, connected car installation, and data transfer
• 20% off repairs and advanced services
• Internet security software included

We get so many benefits for such a small amount!  Best Buy’s Total Tech Support is a membership service.  This is just for helping us get through the frustration installation or getting started with “smart” tech can cause.  Believe me I tried for 3 days to get everything set up for our television and I will use this plan  the next time I buy a new one, among other frustrating items.
The 24/7 service is something I wish everyone had! You can get support with the Best Buy’s Total Tech in-store, over the phone, or chat/remote online, so you get support when and how you want it.

With this membership you receive Basic data transfer & data back up, computer setup, computer tune up, virus removal, and 1 year of internet security software.  They even help with your car connections which includes In-dash stereo, navigation install, speaker install, remote start, or keyless entry, and amp install.
Included in this support membership for $49.99; Home Theater- TV Connect, TV Mounting, Basic Audio install, harmony remote setup, cord cutting, and TV Calibration.
I always get “smart” gifts for the holidays.  I have a good idea how much time this membership will save me to get these great gifts up and running.  They help with home WI-Fi setup, including voice assistant setup.  WI-Fi camera, smart lighting, doorbell, and smart thermostat installation and set-up.  Install any and all of this for $49.99 each with Total Tech Support membership.
I will remember this the next time I get a television for my Mother also.  With her being 82, and when I arrive I am there for a limited time, Best Buy’s Total Tech is perfect!  I can pay $49.99 and if I don’t have time, one of my brothers can get them on the phone for fast installation!  Knowing this really puts me at ease when I buy her something new.

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  1. I love their name! I buy my most of my technology from Best Buy! They are reliable and knowledgeable. They didn’t close a one of my support tickets until I was satisfied with the outcome. I haven’t needed any help in a long time, so I don’t know how their support system works anymore, but I am sure they keep their customers satisfied!

  2. We use Geek Squad for tech support at my company. I’d never considered using them for home projects – great idea!

  3. I haven’t tried Geek Squad but I’m definitely someone who would need all the tech support I could get. I’d definitely try it.

  4. I am having an issue with one of my televisions. I really need to call these guys. I didn’t realize how inexpensive their services were. I like that they are backed be a reputable company like Best Buy, as I do not feel comfortable many times when handymen come to my home.

  5. Happy New Year!! Michigansavingandmore.come!
    I have not used Total Tech Support powered by Geek Squad! But I think I will definitely use it in the very near future to fix me daughter’s at moment * DEAD* tablet! I have heard many great reviews about geek squad online and through word of mouth. Thanks for Michigansavingsandmore.come for writing this book is informative blog You guys are amazing!!

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