Having Fun With Chalk Of The Town

Having Fun With Chalk Of The Town

Chalk of the Town has a lot of fun products that you get to decorate differently everyday if you want.  I can see where this would be fun with Chalk of the Town to have the kids decorate their own t-shirts and more. Kids and adults showing their personality to all the people they see!

Both kids and adults can personalize a tote bag – over and over again! Write a quote or name, draw a fabulous design or simply a reminder to ‘buy milk’. Change your mind? Wipe with a damp cloth and draw again.

Silver Heart Totes have the same patent-pending chalkboard surface as Chalk of the Town T-shirts. The totes are compatible with chalk markers and stencils used with the T-shirt product. The tote is constructed of black canvas and the chalkboard heart design is outlined with a silver border.

This clever Heart Chalkboard T-Shirt T-shirt arrives ready to decorate with your fabulous design to cheer on a team, support a cause, celebrate a birthday or holiday, share a thought or simply to show off your artistic skills.  Eraseable, re-useable AND machine washable.

Product Details

  • 100% soft cotton shirt
  • Available in Ladies sizes S, M, L and XL
  • Machine wash; tumble dry
  • Product assembled in the USA

This one makes so much sense to me.  Kids love to doodle and sometimes  they just don’t have the paper they need. Chalk of the Town Patch With 2 Chalk Markers makes it easy to draw on their pants and wipe it off to draw again.

  • Chalk of the Town washable fabric patch is the perfect way to include a new personal note with a child’s lunch, every day. The patent-pending chalkboard technology on the patch allows for endless, creative, smudge-free designs
  • Stick to any hard, smooth, flat surface or sew to denim, a hat or a tote bag
  • Write or draw with the included extra-fine point chalk markers, wait a few minutes for the ink to dry and you have an instant custom message! Wipe with a wet cloth to clear the patch for a new design.
  • Create a new custom note or drawing every day.
  • Kit includes: 3.5 inch round fabric patch with a blue border, 2 water based, non-toxic chalk markers (blue and white – a finer point that those that come with the T-shirt kits)

This give you an option of making holiday decorations on your products with ease.  This is a plastic stencil so it holds up to a lot of uses.

Chalk of the Town is a company dedicated to providing customizable, personalized gifts for both children and adults. We want to foster innovation, confidence, and creativity. Our unique washable chalkboard surface allows anyone to design and style our shirt, tote bag and patch products, over and over again.

Show off your personality today!


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