Health risks to freelancers and its remedies

Health risks to freelancers and its remedies

Health risks to freelancers and its remedies

Freelancers do no work! Wait wait, please don’t be extra excited already! By this we mean physical labor! A freelancer has to work in front of a computer screen for a long time. Since most freelancers work from home, there is not much outside. It is said that freelancers lead a kind of ‘subbist’ life, in which physical activity is very low. And as a result of such a life, freelancers are at risk of weight gain, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

Please do not be afraid!

These problems can be easily avoided. You do not have to waste too much effort to do this, you need some regular physical activity, physical exercise, cycling or walking in between work. Those who do not feel very comfortable going out can install an exercise machine at home.


Many people think that freelancing is easy. It’s not really that easy, just talk to the country’s top freelancers to understand the issue. Since freelancers have to work on multiple projects at once, there are a lot of deadlines! Again, since there are many clients, sometimes they have to fall into the clutches of ‘difficult’ clients who are dissatisfied with the work of freelancers. Freelancers have to endure all these stresses regularly. And persistent and prolonged stress is one of the sources of health problems. It causes regular headaches, mental fatigue and sleep problems at night. It increases physical illness and reduces capacity.

Fight with stress!

This is not something very difficult. You take care of your body. Develop healthy habits, try to avoid stress. And yes, if a client feels ‘troublesome’ while taking a job, it is better not to take that project! You have to take care of your body a little!


As I said before, freelancers work from home. And that means working all day in a lonely room! There are also freelancers who do not go anywhere other than workstation-bedroom! If you are used to being alone like this, there will come a time when you will be drowning in depression all the time.

Remember, loneliness has a very negative effect on the development of our humanity.

Do not throw yourself into the pit of loneliness!

Dear freelancer brother, you can never throw yourself into the pit of loneliness! Just because you work alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Have regular outings with friends, meet outside the home and spend time with family members. If you don’t have many like-minded friends, the way is to find like-minded friends in your area through social networking sites and organize regular meet-ups with them.

Recurrent Stress Injury:

Freelancers may suffer from recurrent stress injury (RSI), in which case there is a good chance of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. People with recurrent stress injuries experience a lot of pain. This reduces your ability to work for a long time.

Need release!

You need to get rid of such injuries, get regular breaks from work.

Vitamin D deficiency:

As mentioned earlier, freelancers stay home most of the time. Did you know that this is why they are deficient in vitamin D.


If you don’t eat enough milk and don’t go out in the sun too much then you are sure to suffer from vitamin D crisis! Let me tell you about an interesting study, Arab women suffer from various bone problems in their last years. Because it has been found that their body is deficient in vitamin D. Eighty percent of women have this condition. Vitamin D deficiency in such a sunny desert country? How is that? Because nothing else, the sun does not fall on them properly due to the extra curtains. Most of the freelancers in our country do not go out in the sun at all because they are at home all the time. And that’s why you may be in a vitamin D crisis.

What’s the matter?

In fact, solving this problem is not very difficult. You need to stay in the sun for a moderate amount of time, so you can go for a walk in the afternoon.


This is a very common problem for freelancers. Freelancers eat a lot. Of course, if you sit in the office just a few feet from the fridge, who can eat or not eat, tell me?

But the problem is, overeating or not dieting will increase your health problems.

The solution?

You have to reduce the food boss! How much more? And if you can’t do that, it is very important to increase physical activity!


These suggestions are not directly from any doctor. However, with the help of the internet and from my own different experiences, I have arranged the article. Successful freelancer brothers are also very conscious about their health and will adopt various methods to prevent their own health problems.

Author Bio : Alamin Richard is a pro copywriter and marketing strategist who helps bloggers and marketers placed the ‘OMG! Where do I join up?’ oomph to their on line marketing; and blogs about the highs and lows of being a nomadic freelance writer.

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