Hey Rubik’s Cube Lovers This Ones For You Rubik’s Tactile Cube @winningmovesusa

Hey Rubik’s Cube Lovers This Ones For You Rubik’s Cube Tactile Cube

If you love Rubik’s cube then you are going to love Rubik’s Cube Tactile Cube!  This one is especially made for the puzzle lover who has a visual impairment.  Each side is different so you can tell my feeling with your fingers which side goes where.  Too bad every game cannot have a chance to do this.

Each side has a different color and a different shape, the white side is smooth.  Try it with your eyes closed and you will appreciate this even more.  I can’t do a Rubik’s cube no matter how much I try but I am really glad they have this one.

The six colored sides on the tactile cube are the same Rubik’s colors found on a standard 3×3 Rubik’s Cube.  So no advantage just the feel, this way the Rubik’s cube can challenge almost anyone.  As you can see the yellow has small raised dots, orange is a raised large X, green is a raised circle, red is a raised square, blue is the small button, and white is the smooth.

I don’t know why this would not work for a fidgety child, that has ADHD or similar, so they can pay attention in class without looking at the tactile cube and keep their hands busy.  My grandson is like this and I think it will help him.

I found some fun facts about Rubik’s cubes:

There are more than 43 quintillion ways to scramble The Rubik’s Cube – that’s loads! In fact, there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possibilities!  If you had one cube for each scramble position and laid them all side-to-side, they would stretch 261 light years from Earth. Or you could use them to cover the Earth… in 273 layers!  If you turn The Rubik’s Cube once every second, it will take you 1.4 trillion years to go through all the permutations. (The universe is just 14 billion years old!)

The first world championship was held in 1982 – with a winning solve time of 22.95 seconds.  The current world record for solving The Rubik’s Cube is an amazing 4.59 seconds! (SeungBeom Cho, Korea). Speedcubing has gone from strength to strength!  A robot solved The Rubik’s Cube in 0.637 seconds.







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  1. I love the Rubiks cube, I played with one constantly as a kid! I also had a keychain one. Now my kids and husband are always fidgeting with one as well. It’s a great classic!

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