Hijinx Ice Cream Tastes Great

HIJINK Ice Cream

Hijinx Ice Cream Tastes Great

How would you like to have ice cream shipped to your home on a hot day and not have to worry about it melting. Hijinx Ice Cream is a powder you make your own ice cream from.  You add the flavors you want so get creative.  Hijinx Ice Cream is made with a few ingredients and add fresh fruit or flavors you want you ice cream to be.

Hijinx Ice Cream is super easy to make. Warm milk makes this best and let’s everything get creamy, just like ice cream is suppose to be. We made strawberry and mango, it was so good. I love that you can make up new flavors for your ice cream.

Make ice cream out of anything. Using just a blender. Simply blend your favorite ingredient — Campfire S’mores, Pinot Noir, Coconut Curry — with milk & Hijinx Ice Cream Mix, freeze, and enjoy. Science and premium ingredients work together to bring you a superior creamy ice cream texture without an ice cream maker.

Enjoy your weekend-in with winescream tasting and ice cream cocktails – Strawberry Rosé, Bellini, Lime Margarita, or Irish Coffee ice cream anyone? Easily make any flavor of ice cream you can dream of: Lemon Basil, Pistachio Baklava, BBQ swirl, Cereal Milk, Peanut Butter Ginger, Mascarpone Matcha, Masala Chai, Bacon Maple, Horchata, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Nutella Banana… the possibilities are endless!

Create your Signature Flavor to savor by yourself or bring people together and make memories to cherish. You can now impress everyone with unique team-specific ice creams for the big game, themed ice cream for watch parties or binge reading, a Saturday afternoon family ice cream chopped challenge, wedding cake-flavored ice cream for your anniversary, gift a friend an ice cream that tastes like their favorite coffee or prank them with wasabi or anchovy ice cream.

Sugar, Cream Powder, Nonfat Dry Milk, Whey Powder, Lactose, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor, Gum Acacia, Cellulose Gum, and Guar Gum.
Contains: Milk
Peanut-Free, Egg-free, Corn Syrup-Free, Gluten-Free


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  1. This is an absolutely amazing invention! I would definitely love to try this, they amount of flavors is incredible. I will have to get some. Thank you so much for sharing!

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