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Hint Of Lavender Makes Party Planning Easy!

Hint Of Lavender

Hint Of Lavender Makes Party Planning Easy!

If you want to put on a party for friends why not use paper products instead of doing dishes? Hint Of Lavender lets us put on a nice dinner and it still looks fancy. With all the different styles of plates, napkins, cups, and more at Hint Of Lavender you will find exactly what you need.

The above is part of their Moonlight Collection. The one color looks white but it is a light pink and looks so good together! In this collection you get enough tableware for 8 people.

• 8 pack of 9 in navy blue, pink and gold plates
• 8 pack of 7 in pink plates and rose gold plates
• 8 pack of 9 oz pink and rose gold cups
• 8 pack of 5 in navy blue, pink and gold napkins

These are the 9 in plates.  I plan on using these when our friends come over in 2 weeks. We can have a special dinner without the clean up.

Here is the 7 in plates and cups. These are great for appetizers. The cups can be used to drink from or decorate the table with them.

The napkins add a nice flair to the whole package.

Hint Of Lavender has a lot of variety in their collections.  You can have a color scheme or dress your table around your tableware. At Hint of Lavender you can find paper plates, cups and napkins that elevate any table setting. You will also find recipes for appetizers, cocktails and more. Social cards and the Let’s gather events.

I love these Gather Your Gals Social Cards. This will keep the conversation going between old friends and new friends.

Get your girls together and have a night of getting to know each other better. This 54 deck of cards asks light-hearted and meaningful questions.

Who is this for:

The girl who wants to connect with her friends on a deeper level.

The girl who wants to have a fun and meaningful girl’s night.

The girl who wants to know her mom better.

The sisters who want to discover more about one another.

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