Holly’s Homemade Jams and Jellies

Holly's Homemade Jams and Jellies

Holly’s Homemade Jams and Jellies

If you want some really good jams and jelly then you need to check out Holly’s Homemade. These have chopped up fruit and flavors you will enjoy with every single bite. The recipes come from her Grandmother so you know how good they are. Holly’s Homemade has several varieties including the ones I received Hawaiian Honeymoon, Christmas Jam, Black Cherry Jam, and Lela’s Apple Butter.  All of them are beyond delicious. This is a  woman and veteran-owned store.

Christmas Jam has strawberry and cranberry that mingle together for the perfect amount of sweet and tart. You will love it year round as well as the holidays. A perfect holiday gift.

Holly's Homemade Jams and Jellies

It even look good! I really think this would go great with the Holiday Dinner whether Thanksgiving or Christmas this would be the perfect added touch.  I can really taste the cranberries and strawberry.  Has a very slight tart taste that goes great on my husband’s fresh biscuits he happen to make today.

You can actually see the little pieces of cherry in this this Black Cherry Jam. Pure and simple, rich dark cherry flavor. It’s like Cherry Lifesavers and a big bowl of fresh, juicy dark cherries in a jam that will start your day off right. Perfect on toast, great on ice cream, fabulous layered in a chocolate cake.

The Hawaiian Honeymoon is just delectable. It is a unique flavor you can’t find in stores and tastes amazing! Strawberry, mango, and pineapple fruits meet rum and banana flavors that remind the owners of the islands, and their honeymoon, every day. This is stuffed full of fruit so you will get bits of fruit with every bite.

I was pleasantly surprised at home good this Lela’s Apple Butter is.  Very fresh tasting and packed full of flavor! Sweet and tart apples combined with brown sugar, cinnamon and our own special blend of spices. Named for the owner’s Grandma Lela, who taught her to make it with apples from the family farm. Great as a bagel schmear with cream cheese and mixed with sour cream for a fruit dip. They also have a peach butter I will try one of these days.  The store bought apple butter cannot compete with Holly’s Homemade apple butter.

We really could not pick 1 we like the best, they were all awesome! The have amazing flavors that taste like I made it in my own kitchen. I have never tasted jellies, jams, or apple butter that are full of flavor like these are.  I have bought homemade items from different places and honestly the above were so much better! These would make a great gift for the holidays, housewarming, really anytime of the year, the receiver will love them.

Holly’s Homemade is a jam, jelly and fruit butter family business in Georgetown, Texas.







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