Home & Yard Care Easier With A SmartControl Fuel Can Giveaway Ends 1/2

Home & Yard Care Easier With A SmartControl Fuel Can


Most people have a gas can around their house, in the garage or shed. There are lots of uses for the cans. Yard care, like filling up a lawn mower or edger. Filling up a generator as a backup battery for power loss or for using power tools. Filling up a jetski or other water sport vehicles. Those in colder climates might even use one for a snow blower. Having one around the house is quite common. But it isn’t always safe to have a gas can around nor easy to get one filled up. That is why I’m liking the new SmartControl gasoline can by Scepter. It fills up fast and does not spill.


Spring Is Coming- Plan Your Yard


Great Christmas Gift For Dads!

This is the perfect time to plan your yard for a spring garden. Figure out what you are removing, what you want to plant, the costs and the right time to plant. Winter is the perfect time to trim fruit trees and rose bushes. My dad came over and we removed the summer vegetables (that were mostly dead) from my raised vegetable planters, trimmed all the trees, cleared out the planters that go along the house, etc. That way I can till the soil and let everything settle for winter and start planning for the spring. I’m thankful for all his tools, and help, since it was a lot to get done.

Home & Yard Care Easier With A SmartControl Fuel Can Giveaway


What is a SmartControl gas container? These all new containers are replacing the old rusty cans or plastic ones that can leak. This makes it so much easier for transporting gas from the gas station back to my house (especially since I drive a sedan so the can has to be inside my car). They are available in one, two and 5-gallon sizes and can hold gasoline, diesel and kerosene.


Introducing a new generation of gas cans featuring the Scepter SmartControl® easy pour spout! The SmartControl® system offers customers ease of use in a durable design, with an added layer of protection. The SmartControl® delivers fast fills without spills. The easy-push and controllable flow makes filling everything from lawn mowers to recreational vehicles a cleaner, safer, better experience.

Facts about the Scepter SmartControl:


  • Easy to pour.
  • Fast fill without spills.
  • Rugged design.
  • They have a lock that is easy to use.
  • They are Made in America!
  • They are in compliance with safety standards.

You can learn more about Scepter products and safety learn how they are an ideal gift for homeowners.


Enter To Win SmartControl Fuel Can


One lucky person can enter to win their own 2-gallon SmartControl fuel can. Winner must be 18-years-old, or older and live in the Continental U.S. Giveaway is for the 2-gallon size.

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  1. I like that it has a lock. This is extremely important to me because I have small children that get into everything.

  2. I like that there’s a lock on the Smart Control Fuel Can. Which is extremely important to me when you have small children, who get into every single thing.

  3. I like the easy pour feature. My current fuel can is awkward to pour and sometimes the fuel splatters instead of going into the tank..

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