How to Impress with Your Wrapping

How to Impress with Your Wrapping

How to Impress with Your Wrapping

Found the perfect gift for someone special? Don’t have your wrapping let you down! Make sure you do the present justice by showing off some impeccable wrapping skills. A lot of people automatically shy away from wrapping because they think it’s too fiddly, but it’s not hard to make a gift look good. 

Here are some easy ways you can impress with your wrapping without too much effort! 

  1. High Quality Paper

There’s a lot to be said about poor wrapping paper. If you’ve ever tried to wrap something and had the paper tear around the corners or at the faintest touch, it’s not good quality. As well as not being robust, it’s also typically more transparent than better quality paper which means you can usually see branding through it – not great for a surprise present!  

By simply using high quality paper, you can instantly make a present look good.

  1. Ribbons 

Adding a ribbon to a present is a great way to spruce up a gift. It’s far less fiddly than you might think, but it can really make it look like you care about the present you’re giving and have made an effort with it. To make the present look put together and cohesive, you’ll want to choose a ribbon that matches the paper. This may mean you need to think carefully about color matching, but it’s worth it because it will create a refined finish that will really make the present pop. 

If you’ve chosen classic brown wrapping paper, black ribbon goes really well as a contrast; however, any color will look great against the neutral backdrop. 

Tying a ribbon is easy provided you have enough. Cut off a relatively long piece – longer than you think you need. Lay the ribbon horizontally on the table and place the present on top of it, ensuring the underneath is facing you and the front of the present is centered to the ribbon. Next, get the sides of the ribbon and bring them central to the side of the present that is facing you and tie a knot. You can secure the center of the knot with some clear sticky tape to keep it in place. Next, pull the tail of the ribbon in opposite horizontal directions until the side of the present facing you has a cross shape. Flip the present, keeping hold of the ribbon tails. Then, once the ribbon tails are central at the front of the present, tie a bow. Cut the excess ribbon off at a diagonal angle and there you have it, the perfect bow! 

If this is too much hassle, you can buy elasticated ribbons. 

  1. Gift Boxes

Some presents are too big or too inconvenient of a shape to wrap. In this case, gift boxes are your friend. From custom boxes made to order by companies like Packaging For Retail through to basic gift boxes, there are infinite ways you can make a present in a box look spectacular. The first step is to choose a beautiful box. Ribbons look excellent on gift boxes, and they also keep the lid on, so they’re functional too! 

Inside the box, think about padding. A sparse box could lead to a lot of rattling, and this could, in turn, result in a breakage if the present is fragile. Prevent this with the use of shredded tissue paper. You can get beautiful colors and patterns. Sprinkle in some confetti or glitter and the inside of the box will look just as beautiful as the outside!


These are just three ways you can impress with your wrapping skills. Will you be trying any of these? 

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