How To Obtain Your Dream Job

How To Obtain Your Dream Job

How To Obtain Your Dream Job

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Many of us have fantasies about a specific job. Such dream jobs tend to be very competitive and difficult to get into, but with the right amount of determination you can get your foot in the door. Here is what you need to obtain that dream job.

Get educated

A formal education may be necessary when gaining access to certain careers. It’s important that you get the right education – if you’re looking into finance jobs, consider what types of finance degrees are out there and which will increase your chances of getting employed.

Some jobs don’t require qualifications, but a knowledge of the industry could still be important. For instance, if you want to get into real estate, spending time researching into the subject could benefit you (especially as you may be asked questions during the interview).

Get experience

Having experience always looks good on a CV. The best way to get experience in a competitive industry is to volunteer. This could be while you are studying – for instance if you’re studying a degree in journalism, you could try asking your local paper for voluntary work.

You may be able to get voluntary work simply by asking companies directly. Other companies may have formal internship schemes that you may have to sign up to.

Know the right people

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ – there can be some truth to this. Having friends in the right places can help you to get your foot in the door. These people may be able to put a word in for you or may have inside information on upcoming vacancies. In order to meet these people, it could be worth looking out for events in which you can do some networking.

For instance, if you’re trying to get into video game design, it could be worth going to video game conventions, hackathons and seminars. You may establish connections this way that you can use at a later date.

Have an interview routine

It’s rare to get the job you want the first time you interview; we can all remember at least one occasion where we went for a job and flubbed the interview because of nerves. That’s natural! We wouldn’t get nervous if we didn’t really want something. Practice makes perfect, and building an interview routine that gives you confidence is a key step.

If you have a song that makes you feel confident, listen to it on the way to the interview. Plan to go for lunch in a cafe you really love on the way back. Designate an outfit in your closet to be your “power outfit” – from a well-cut jacket to the ideal pair of cat eye glasses, it should send the message that you mean business (literally).

Look beyond job ads

A lot of the most sought after companies to work for rarely advertise vacancies. They may have so many people constantly applying to their company directly that they don’t need to post adverts. For this reason, it could be worth directly targeting companies that you want to work for.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t still look out for ads, as you may still get lucky. Job boards aren’t the only places to look – you may find vacancies being posted on social media or on posters. Companies may also be advertising at job fairs.

You can also try using recruitment agencies and talent agents. When getting into careers such as acting and modelling, these talent scouts can be essential.

Prove your passion

An employer wants to be able to see that an applicant is passionate. While education and experience can demonstrate passion, you may be able to find other ways of demonstrating your passion. You could start a blog or a vlog dedicated to your passion (such as a fashion blog if you want to get into the fashion industry). You could join social groups and clubs that show a related passion (being a member of a debate club could look good if you’re applying for a job in politics or law).



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