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How To Promote Giveaways

How To Promote Giveaways

How To Promote Giveaways

I promote giveaways all the time and when I do I like it best when lots of people enter to win. For one, the sponsors want their products to be seen by as many people as possible. I also want the traffic to my site. To accomplish this you will need to promote your giveaways to large groups of people.

Giveaway get attention drawn to new products or remind them of products that are available. You can get visitors to your site and gain new followers on social media. You get a lot of benefits for running giveaways on your site.

I always work with a great group of bloggers that post and promote my giveaways and I give them a link on the giveaway in exchange. I write up the giveaways on a google doc and send it out to them for posting. I do everything I can to make it easier for the promoting bloggers to post quickly without much hassel.

I use linkies similar to our Daily Dazzle Link Up. All you do is add your giveaway, making sure you put the end date and you get free attention to your site.

Another way I promote my giveaways is Facebook groups. Look up giveaways or sweepstakes and you will find a whole list of groups to promote to. You must join the groups but if you run a lot of giveaways it is always a benefit.  I have the page Giveaways To Enter Today that you can post in also. Watch the rules for posting giveaways in each group so you don’t break their rules.

Another way to promote is to pay for the promotion.  I use these services for large giveaways. Depending on how much you want to invest and what the prize is, you can get over 1,000 people entering. Some of the sites I use are listed below.

SweepstakesBible.com – They do have a free option but you do not get as much exposure with it.

ContestChest.com – Free to use

Contestgirl.com – Free to use

Giveawaymonkey.com – They have several paid options available.

ThePrizeFinder.com – Free and paid.

TrueSweepstakes.com – Free and paid options available. I have used them and they work.

GiveawayPromote.com – They have several paid options. I have used them and they work.

SweepGrab.com – Free and Paid

Giveawayfrenzy.com – Free and Paid


Reddit – 2 of the groups are listed below



I am sure there are more out there. Make for sure you post to all your social media and some as many as 3 times per week. Promote Promote Promote!!!





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