How to Resist the “Sales Trap” and Shop Smarter This Fall

Shop Smarter This Fall

How to Resist the “Sales Trap” and Shop Smarter This Fall


The moment we see a big red billboard posted somewhere in a mall or we see notifications in our phone, we know a sale is about to happen. It triggers our impulse buying tendency and our rational thinking fades away. That “up to” 70% discount is tempting.  Shop Smarter This Fall.

Impulse buying is a notoriously common and sometimes acceptable behavior in our society today. Millennials would like to justify it as a form of reward earned from their hard work. According to statistics, an average U.S consumer spends as much as  $5,400 annually on impulse buys.

There are many reasons that people buy on impulse, but you should be mindful of how often and how much you are spending, to avoid creating a mountain of debt.

Retailers like to play on our emotions and tempt us to buy that new pair of heels, since they are “on sale”! At its core, that is the very purpose of marketing, to create demand for a product, so we can’t blame them or hold them responsible for your binge shopping spree. Instead, focus on the follow tips to help you save more, spend less, and still get exactly what you need as the Christmas buying season grows near.

Stick To Your List

Create a shopping list, include the amount you are willing to spend and stick to it. It is going to be your GPS in the ocean of alluring discounts. Your list will help you have an organized approach and when you have a set list of things you must have, it helps to keep you on track and on budget.

Set A Budget

Create a realistic budget for every item in your list before heading out and abide by it. As you are out shopping, especially for the holidays, many ads will try to connect with you on an emotional level, and temp you to buy things you don’t need or can’t really afford. Falling into the trap of emotional spending can derail your finances and leave you stressed during the holidays, which isn’t where you want to be. Many people have found that shopping online makes it easier to stay on task and get what you need.

Shop Online

According to statistics, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online with 96% of the population had experienced buying items online. Around 190 million American consumers shopped online in 2016, according to Forrester Research, a smart move by many that you should follow. There are a number of benefits associated with shopping online including convenience, pricing comparability, cost saving, and variety.

Convenience because it prevents you from having shopping fatigue. You can shop in the comfort of your home, you can view a huge selection of quality items from multiple stores, allowing you to find the perfect items at a great cost.

It is very easy to compare prices online and you can also search for discounts and coupons. Another smart way to use the internet for shopping is through price tracking. A number of applications and websites can show you the previous price of an item so that you can see if it is really on sale.

Plan Ahead and Do Not Delay

Nothing prompts impulse buying like a shopping rush. Procrastinating when shopping around the holidays can cause you to overspend. Items quickly go back to their original prices once the holiday is over. Some items can easily be out-of-stock during the holidays, especially when it is trending. We have all been there, running store to store to find that one hot item.

September is around the corner and it marks the start of the string of gift-giving seasons. Consider shopping online this year and don’t be afraid to skip a great deal on an item you don’t really need!  Shop Smarter This Fall!



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