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How To Save Money On Springbreak With Groupon

How To Save Money On Springbreak With Groupon

Springbreak can get expensive, especially if you are going on vacation.  I want to show you some ways Groupon can help you save money so you can take a longer vacation or do more at home!

When I go on vacation I like to do some things before I go:

  • Get the best deal on travel/hotels
  • Get my haircut and possible colored
  • Purchase new clothes for the trip
  • Prepay for some expenses
  • Find things to do  while on vacation
  • Find new restaurants for vacation and see if I can save money on them
  • Get any work I have planned, done from contractors while gone

Did you know I can save money on everything on my list at Groupon?  Either with coupons or featured deals they have! They have great deals that you should take a look at.  Try a new seafood restaurant, what about a condo or hotel, and even clothing and getting my hair done.

While planning the vacation you can find some great hotels like the water parks.  Why not take a break and get a couples massage or experience a salt house?  Schedule a manicure or pedicure for you and your daughter!

I also love to get work done on the house while I am gone, come back and it is done, now that is the way to get work done.  You will want to check them out and make for sure they are reputable and possible have a friend stop by a couple of times.

What about a staycation?  Some of the things for vacation you can also do on a staycation!  Or maybe make up your own salon at home and do your daughter’s nails and let her do yours.  Finding new restaurants, and getting work done, can all be done.

You can also save money by doing the work yourself since you have time off from work.  Do that DIY project or take a new class, visit the library or a local pool or lake.  Since you saved money you deserve a massage!  They even offer coupons or some of their great deals, plus sign up for their emails for great deals delivered right to you.

To save money check out Groupon for the latest deals and coupons today!



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