How To Write Up A Giveaway


How To Write Up A Giveaway Like I Do

If you are a blogger or even a company you want to know how to write up a giveaway.  Giveaways can bring new visitors to your website, is a great way to collect email addresses, gain followers on social media, or just draw attention to the product and company.  Know the right way how to write up a giveaway is important. Most of these can be in different orders except number 4. If this is a sponsored giveaway you must give notice at the top of the giveaway.

  1.  The main thing when you write up giveaways is to either draw attention to the product or company.  Because of this you want the right image.  Use the product in your image and a logo of the company so they don’t buy a different brand of a similar product.  Make the image look good.  If you have a professional picture available use it.  Bloggers can get images from the sponsor’s websites by either saving an image or if you can’t do that make a screenshot and crop it down to the image you want. There are free sites where you can get help making a great image like Picmonkey or Pixlr. Another place to grab regular images is Pixabay.
  2. Next is the welcoming introduction to the giveaway. The hosting blogger’s information and the sponsor information.  This is important and you want to double check that all links are correct.  Put a logo from the sponsor if available.  Also all links to their social media.  Normally you can get this right from their website.  Double check that the links work, sometimes they have a referral link for facebook and you want only the link.
  3. Then you want to introduce the product(s) being given away.  Put an image and a brief description of each product.  Make for sure you have the exact title linked to where you can buy it, whether their website, Amazon, Target, etc. Remember on Amazon you cannot use an affiliate link for this link, they will take your affiliate status away from you for doing this.
  4. Then the rules for the giveaway.  This is important to protect you legally.  This must be before the entry form because they are agreeing to the rules in the giveaway so they must see that before the entry form.  Make for sure you state where the giveaway is available to such as continental US or worldwide etc.  Also always put an end date to the giveaway. Make for sure it is clear who is responsible for shipping of prize. There are other rules to follow such as age and no purchase can be required. This article is helpful and there are more out there.
  5. Last thing on writting up the giveaway is the actual entry form.  I use Giveaway Tools but there are others out there like Rafflecopter that can be used. The first entry on my giveaways is they must agree to the rules. I then have them share the giveaway on twitter and a choice of their social media accounts.  You need the giveaway out there to get entries and this will help. Then you want them to share about the sponsor.  Some way of sharing about the product or sponsor either tweeting or other social media. You will also want them to visit the sponsor’s website and comment at the bottom of the giveaway so that you know they visited.  Commenting on the review is a good way for them to learn more about the sponsor or product.  Then add the hosting blogs links and promoting bloggers’ links.  I also always give them the option of referring for extra entries.
  6. Now add the entry form to the bottom of the giveaway on the text side of post.
  7. If you want to send this to other bloggers you should use a google doc.  Most bloggers can access this and once set up it is easy to copy to new giveaways. Write on the doc the beginning and ending date of the giveaway, also the post by date. Also if you want the sponsor tagged on social media, put that information.  Write up a reporting link form and put the link on the giveaway doc.  If you go to the reporting link form, responses side. Click on the square green in the top right part of the form, this will give you a spreadsheet that will make it easier to add the bloggers’ links to the giveaway form.
  8. Now put it out there for bloggers to post.  You can post in the Bloggers Opportunity Group on Facebook and more groups.  There are linkies and more.

There are other ways to do this but this is the way I do it. Leave me any questions you have and I will do my best to help you out.

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