Huan Smart Tags – Better Protection For Our Pets

Huan Smart Tags – Better Protection For Our Pets

Huan Smart Tags lets you keep track of your pets no matter where they are hiding. My female dog loves to sneak out the front door where there is not a fence.  She has a big backyard but she wants the whole neighborhood.  With Huan Smart Tags I don’t have to drive around yelling her name, I just need my phone to find her quickly. Huan Tags are small, lightweight Smart Pet Tags. Designed from the ground up for Dogs and Cats, they contain an advanced wireless microchip that can help you find your lost pet.

This pet tags really gives me a lot of relief since I would worry terribly if she were missing.  Pets are an important part of our lives and we want to protect them.  Sometimes they want to sneak and roam and just do what they want to, something similar to a teenager lol.  Our pets do not realize a car could hit them or a larger animal could get them.

You can get the tag to hang or make it part of their collar.  Plus you will find a lot of colors of the tags.

Designed for dog collars, the Collar Sleeve slides on your dogs’ collar for a snug fit. Made from washable, durable silicon rubber. One size fits all, up to 1” collar width.  The Hanging Tag is designed for smaller dogs, cats or extra-wide collars and, comes with a metal ring that can be attached to any collar.

Huan Smart Tags connect your pets to the Pet Protection Network, helping you find them if they ever go missing. The Huan Mobile app lets you create a detailed pet profile and notifies you if they’re ever detected away from home, or away from you. Huan Sensors are deployed in public locations, and are designed to quickly detect pets wearing Huan Tags. They are active 24/7, ready to protect your pets.

This type of sensors is deployed in cars driving around town to further extend coverage, detecting pet signals in real time. Using their growing community of users and the sensor network, we can detect missing pets before they’re lost, preventing heartbreak and giving you peace of mind.

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  1. I think this is really awesome! So many people steal pets that they’ve found and/or no one comes across the run away pet. This is such a genius idea and I’ve just shared this in my local lost pets group.

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