HueTrition $25 Choice Of Gift Cards Giveaway Ends 8/15

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Welcome to the HueTrition $25 Choice Of Gift Cards Giveaway!

Is it time to get healthy? With the combination of eating healthy and exercising you are on the right track to be the best you that you can be.

We all can get just a little healthier and this is a great option to do that starting now!

HueTrition is a company that wants to make it easier for you to eat better foods and get the exercise you need. They have recently come out with 6 HueTube Videos with advice to help you “Fill Your Plate With Color”. It’s easy to eat nutritious foods when you have a plan and access to nutritional information.

Now they have an activity tracker to help you exercise and eat the right foods called the HueTracker!

HueTracker not only makes it easy to track your water, calories, exercise, protein, but also your colorful intake of fruits and vegetables as well! What is different about this mobile app is that it gives you a companion, Huey, that helps and encourages you to reach and maintain your goals, as well as access to experts! You can access it from your mobile or on your desktop as well!

HueTrition $25 Choice Of Gift Cards Giveaway

HueTracker, set to release by July 2019, with other features to be added by January 2020, including access to medical professionals, dietitians, chefs, health coaches, and personal trainers.

With HueTracker, you can easily set, track, and accomplish your health and wellness goals! It’s great and fun for people of all ages! Whether you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle or doing the plant-based thing, HueTracker is for everybody and they need your help to make sure everyone has access to it!

When you pledge to their Kickstarter, you will receive HueMerch boxes, t-shirts, early access, and more! You can pledge as little as $4 for some awesome perks!

Ways To Help The World With The HueTracker!

  • Go to their Kickstarter page to pledge and share!
  • Spread the word about it on Social Media! Tag them @huetrition and use the hashtags; #HueTrition, #eathues
  • Become a user-tester for the HueTracker! You can do so by inquiring at [email protected]

HueTrition $25 Choice Of Gift Cards Giveaway

The mission of HueTrition…

The philosophy is simple: Food as Fuel to Color Your World. Natural, colorful, filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables solves a lot of problems! No need to sweat it! Think of your plate as a colorful canvas.

Giveaway Details:

  • Win a $25 Gift Card of your choice (to a major retailer)
  • Open to US residents
  • Ends 8/15/18

Help Launch The HueTracker + Win A $25 Gift Card

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  1. My biggest problem is that I hurt my knee and can’t really exercise much. I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle but I’m starting to walk everyday. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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