I Found Adorable Clothing For Mom and Kids

I Found Adorable Clothing For Mom and Kids

You really need to checkout the adorable clothing they have over at Bailey’s Blossums. Their collections have great clothes for little sisters, little brothers, big sisters, and my personal favorite Mommy & Me.  Check it out if you just want some cuteness in your life.

The above shirts are the “YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME SMALLS” MOMMY & ME TEE.  It will makes everyone smile that reads it.  You will forget you have it on and notice everyone is so happy today!  It is a fun shirt that is made very well.  A tee that you and your mini-me need! This soft and adorable tee is perfect for dressing up on the go or dressing down to watch a movie!

Stay classy, sassy, and little bossy with your mini me, in their new super soft strawberry ice tee! This “BOSS” SHORT SLEEVE MOMMY & ME TEE is so adorable, I told you adorable clothing right?! I love the color of this shirt as I have never seen it on any other shirts and it is super soft.  You know the little lady is going to be the “BOSS” so why not join her! The shirts say Boss Lady and Boss Baby.

This shirts set almost has me crying, and I know my daughter will absolutely love this.  “LITTLE THINGS” LONG SLEEVE MOMMY & ME TEE is an especially adorable clothing, just 1 of many they have.

Aww, this tee is the definition of ADORABLE! Perfect for any day out with your mini me. Remember, it’s the Little Things that matter most in life!

Their team is working hard to make sure you continue to get the high quality items, unbeatable prices, lightening FAST shipping, and famous 5-star customer service, you’ve come to expect from BB!

These shirts are so soft and comfy.  We both think the baby’s shirts are even more soft as to not be scratchy to the little one.  As you can see we are waiting on our little model but I am sure these 2 will be sporting these around town. Krystal loved them! These would make a great mother-to-be gift.  They have great outfits along with more fun shirts. I love everything Bailey’s Blossoms has on their site.

Bailey's Blossoms

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