I Found The Perfect Gift For Generations To Come A Life Untold

A Life Untold

A Life Untold

The sponsor of A Life Untold contacted me about reviewing their product, the more I read the more excited I got. This is a gift that generations of your family will enjoy and brothers and sisters will love a copy of the final product.

Most of you know my mother is 83 and I always wanted to hear her stories about growing up, getting married and raising a family, then getting old.  That is where A Life Untold comes in.  They can take anyone’s story and make a book that everyone will read and enjoy.

We know some of the things my mother went through as a child with her mother dying when she was 3.  Then she lived with an abusive step-mother until she was 18.  She then met my dad and raised a family.  She lost her husband when he was 42 so she has lived a long time without him and has stories in new directions she took.

As you can tell once you start writing it there is so much only she can fill in.  A Life Untold has you fill out a survey to get you thinking about things and times maybe no one has heard or a different view on a story you are having written about yourself.

This book from A Life Untold will let us document her life from young to old that no one can tell but her.  Everyone has different stories of adventures in their life that future generation will have a hard time believing, now they can read about how life has changed with each generation.

This can be done for anyone in your life or yourself.  This makes a great gift for all year but especially at the holidays.  Write the book and give it to children or grandchildren for the holidays.  As you can see this will be handed down to each generation and be treasured forever!  You can also send the link so family can purchase their own copy.

This is really easy to complete.  Just answer the 101 thought-provoking questions that anyone can answer about their life.  Upload the pictures and make comments for them.  Then submit your book!  That’s it.  The questions take awhile and depending on how many pictures, it takes time to scan them.  I left my computer on for a couple of days so I could easily do the next group.  Remember to add the details you want, they give you a lot of leeway on writing this book.

Then A Life Untold takes over and makes your story.  They combine all the questions, answers and photos to create a unique and professionally designed autobiography of anyone’s life. After the final draft is approved, they send it off for printing and deliver it to your home.

Within just a few days they send you a proof to correct if you would like to make corrections.  Then they send you a final proof that they make corrections for you.  Then off to the press and within a few days, not later than 2 weeks, I received this awesome book that will be part of our family history.

I am excited to show the family this unique book.  The pictures turned out better than I could hope.  Some of the original pictures are in rough shape and this will keep they safe for more of our family to enjoy.

When putting this together I seen pictures I had never seen before.  Some of the pictures of my mother are almost exactly what I looked like as a kid.  Looking at all her old family pictures I can see traits in my family today.  This book really is a new treasure in our lives!

This would make a great gift for anyone in your family.  Anytime of the year, a family member would be thrilled to receive this book!  What about a family gift, make one and then order 1 for each family, now that would be a personalized gift!

Stop by and check out A Life Untold I know you will love it too!






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