I Just Took My DNA Test With CRI Genetics

CRI Genetics

I Just Took My DNA Test With CRI Genetics

CRI Genetics can help you learn more about your ancestry and DNA.  I want to learn about health problems I may run into before I have problems.  They even give you suggestions on how to avoid problems in the future. They give you both Dual Ancestry Reports and Advanced Ancestry Timeline. CRI Genetics first report shows you a breakdown of the most recent ancestries in your family history. The other goes back much farther to show you the Ancient Origins of your DNA. You can see all the reports that are available. I can’t wait to show my kids and brothers these reports.

CRI Genetics Advanced Ancestry Timeline takes you back 50+ generations, to find out exactly WHEN and WHERE your ancestors are from.  Knowing your background gives you a deeper connection to all the corners of the world that are uniquely YOURS. Know exactly where your DNA comes from with 90%+ accuracy.

Get A Detailed, Accurate Breakdown Of Your Heritage. My mother always said we were originally from Ireland, we shall see when it returns. You never really know until you get a test like this. Their reports give you the level of detail you deserve. They cover a wide variety of ancestries, including Jewish heritage and full breakdowns of European, Asian, and African ancestries.

You also get get the FULL picture of your family history, by matching your DNA with 642,824 genetic markers.

Founded by a Harvard-trained geneticist, who proved a Nobel Prize-winning theory

Unique BioGeographical Ancestry algorithm gives you the power of genetics, anthropology, and history—combined

At CRI Genetics, they offer a unique “Efficiency Guarantee” to ensure that you’re protected from delays. If they can’t get your reports ready within 8 weeks of receiving your DNA, you get your money back. This doesn’t happen often, but if it happens to you, they don’t want you to pay for your reports! (Most get done within 4 weeks once they’re received at the lab.)

The moment they receive your DNA sample, they separate all personal information from it and encrypt ALL data. From that moment forward, they only know your DNA through a random serial number on your DNA collection kit. They do not share your information without your explicit consent and they take extra steps to ensure that their security is never breached.

These reports can show you different things you can learn and even give you recommendations for how to best help yourself.  Like the one above on Insulin Resistance.  It is amazing how many things you can learn about your body with this test.  Talk about helping with your health! Besides the ones I have shown you above they also have Lactose Intolerance Report, Long-Term Weight Control Report, and Triglyceride Level Report among others. Take that to your Doctor before you have trouble with other heart related problems. Their reports give you the level of detail you deserve. Know exactly how your body is designed to function with 99.9% accuracy. With a simple swab of your cheek, they can analyze 642,824 markers on your DNA and compare them to scientific research so that we can show you all the ways in which you are unique.

Begin your journey by ordering a DNA sample collection kit. Your kit will be delivered within 3 to 5 days of your purchase. Your kit will come with detailed instructions. Collect your DNA sample and mail your sample back to them in a pre-paid package. You will receive an email 6-8 weeks later letting you know that your reports are ready. Log into your account and explore.

CRI Genetics


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