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I Love Hape Baby Toys

I Love Hape Baby Toys

I Love Hape Baby Toys

Hape really know how to make nice baby toys. Hape Baby Toys are always sturdy, fun, and the kids love them. This Hape Baby Drum is so cute and it will help the babies start learning to enjoy music. This is one of the Hape Baby Toys that can be used as little as 6 months old.

All they have to do to hear music is push on the top.  It pushes easily so even the youngest children will love it. They have a lot of Hape baby toys that make music. They can even roll it to get music.

Your toddler will most likely try and play with this in more ways than one, so they created one drum that can do it all. When stood, the drum can be beaten, with each colored circle emitting a different sound and triggering a colored light. When rolled, the drum emits dazzling lights and music

As your bundle of joy learns how to play with the drums he/she will start to understand the different sounds and rhythms. All melodies played by the drum are original.

This is the bottom of the drum. The battery compartment is secure and it has a large on switch. Power saving mode automatically activates if left inactive for more than two minutes, ensuring your baby can use the drum for that little bit longer. Saves on repeatedly replacing batteries.

This is super cute too. This one wobbles so the babies will love the Penquin Musical Wobbler. A perfect addition to play time! This funny penguin is also a roly-poly toy that a child can bat at without it rolling away.

The Penguin’s arms shake amusingly when waddling. This inspires hours of fun when your little one plays with this unique wooden toy. The musical toy with a built-in bell makes a soothing tinkling sound as it waddles along cutely, which helps to pacify the baby. The moderate volume is designed to protect sensitive young ears.

Hape is a world-leading educational toy brand. They endeavor to develop children’s learning spirit through playing experiences, and prepare them for the better world ahead.

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  1. I have never heard of Hape Toys before, but they a really cute! I love well-made toys that really last, and can even be given away or handed down when your child is done with them.

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