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I Love This Little Raincoat


I Love This Little Raincoat

This raincoat is so adorable.  Cheeky Chickadee Animals Raincoat is comfortable too.  It’s not like the old plastic raincoat this is something they will want to wear all the time. This is a non-irritating material that is lined to make for sure they will stay dry.  I love all the animals with sunglasses on.  These include an elephant, giraffe, and more. The colors are amazing and this comes in sizes down to 1-2T to 9-10. All the kids can get their own and find the pattern they like best or match with a bigger sis.

The raincoat comes in a matching bag to store your coat after each use.  I wanted to show you so you could see how cute the safari animals look, but there are other designs they offer that are just as cute.

They want the kids to stay dry and warm but sometimes they just have to go out in the rain. Going to the bus stop, running errands, and more.  Keep them dry with this beautiful raincoat. This raincoat is made very well and should last until they grow out of it and possible the next child. I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer to rain so Kenzie can wear her new raincoat.

This raincoat is 100% waterproof and with newly added length to ensure your little ones stay dry. Built-in hood and hood snap to keep hoods on when raining (so they won’t get taken off by busy little hands!). Fully lined for comfort with pleats for extra roominess. Broader size brackets mean you’ll get more use out of them. Color sealed and incredibly washable so your Raincoat won’t fade over time.

This is made from 100% Polyester outer with waterproof coating to ensure it will keep your little ones dry. Still soft to touch and super comfy to wear even when it’s not raining. Light, Polyester lining on the inside.






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