Intermix Hand Immersion Blender

Intermix Hand Immersion Blender

Intermix Hand Immersion Blender

Time to get rid of that old mixer you have in the cupboard.  I know you use it for so much but this Intermix Hand Immersion Blender can do all that and more.  It can mix, whip, whisk, and chop.  The Intermix Hand Immersion Blender the newest in much needed, I wish I would of thought of that, kitchen appliances.

Just think of all this can do.  Make a creamy soup, whisk your eggs, and more. This  chops up your vegetables right in the soup. All you have to do is put small pieces in your soup and this blender with mix them into tiny bits. You can make the smaller pieces with the chopper part.

Embrace it. Other hand blenders can fail to fit the size and shape of your bowl. Not the InterMix Hand Immersion Blender. This features an additional, extra-long immersion wand so you can worry about one less thing as you prepare your meal. Watch this video to learn more about InterMix.

Do more with the ChefWave InterMix 500-Watt 9-Speed Immersion Hand Blender. Featuring two 6.3- and 8.5-inch immersion wands, a whisk, a 20-ounce beaker and a food chopper with a 20-ounce bowl, InterMix is equipped with the tools to mix, blend, whisk and chop with efficiency and versatility. This affordable, quick, easy-to-clean hand blender should become a fixture in any kitchen.

This will get rid of your mixer and chopper into one smaller unit. This is easy to store and takes up a lot less room than your old mixer did.  Plus this is so easy to use. It fits into my hand so perfectly and even has a non-slip grip.

You get a lot inside the box, 6.3″ Immersion Wand, 8.5″ Immersion Wand, Whisk, 20 oz. Beaker, Chopper with 20 oz. Bowl, and has a user manual.  Everything you need to get started right away with your new Intermix Hand Immersion Blender . The only thing left to do is donate your old mixer.

We absolutely love using this.  It really is easy to work, just turn on with the button on the side of the unit and turn the speed up with the nob at the bottom of the unit.  We have used this to make cake batter, a creamy broccoli soup, mashed potatoes, and chopped up onions with no tears. We are ready to take the donation box and drop it off because we no longer need a chopper, mixer, whisk, and I am sure there will be more.

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  1. I used to have one of these (a different brand). But I didn’t use it for food – I made my own soap and it was very useful. But now I want one for use for cooking. Looks REALLY good!

  2. The ChefWave Intermix Immersion Blender is versatile as it mixes, chops, whips and blends. It’s convenient to use when making soup smooth and mashing potatoes.

  3. I have always wanted one of these but I had no idea that they did so much! I love my hand mixer but now I want an immersion blender even more! This one sounds perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.

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