iReliev Percussion Massager Works Wonders

iReliev Percussion Massager Works Wonders

Everyone is so stress during recent times that our muscles are tightening up and starting to ache.  I tried everything to get rid of my backache I had recently.  My shoulder muscles were sore and I just thought it was my fibro again.  With this iReliev Percussion Massager I finally have relief.  I love that I can use this on my back, shoulders, legs, and arms. iReliev Percussion Massager helps to melt my tight muscles away.

iReliev Percussion Massager

The iReliev Percussive Massage Gun is a super simple device to use and enjoy. Features one button for operation, 3 levels of powerful intensity and a modern ergonomic design and feel. It has excellent effects on pain relief and prevention through fascia relaxation, motor function improvement, and blood circulation. Adults of all ages and activity level can benefit from the iReliev Percussion Massager. It stimulates and releases muscle tension and helps muscle relaxation.

The feels so good and you can feel the tension leaving your body.  This is a very quiet vibration and the unit doesn’t weight very much. At only 2.72 oz you can see it is easy to move anyplace. Very easy to use and I feel so much better when the tension is gone from the back of my neck and shoulders. This only has 1 button with 3 setting so I can do it one-handed. I didn’t use the high one except once because that really rubs and will get out the tightest muscle aches. I like setting 1 for regular daily maintenance to just get rid of slight tightness. The tighter your muscles are, you will find yourself turning it up to medium then back to the first setting.

If I start to feel too much tension in my shoulders it works its way over to my neck, which then turns into one of those bad headaches. I can now get rid of the stress in my shoulders before it works over to my neck and I think I am just getting a better attitude when I feel better. I love how this feels and makes me feel.

This has 3 different heads to help you do the area that it is needed precisely.  Each one feels a little different but I promise you, you will feel better. The Flat Head is good for various muscles. The large head is suitable for large muscle groups. The bullet head is for small joints such as hands, wrist, and feet. The fork head is great for both sides of the spines and the achilles tendon.

This iReliev Percussion Massager is a professional grade massager. Used to promote relaxation and muscle recovery. With 3 intensity ranges you decide how much you want to feel it massaging. This is wireless and runs for up to 7 hours of wireless massage therapy before needing to be charged again. I really believe you will find that no wires is so much better. The longer handle lets me reach most of my back without help, so I can get rid of my tension the easiest way I have found. I seriously love this massager.

Put on some quiet music and give yourself, or have your spouse help you, a massage that will remove your stressful day and let you enjoy your evening or better yet drift off to sleep. You will wake in the morning and have a better day since you aren’t aching anymore. My husband has a lot of trouble with his back so he has been using this a lot too.  I can see the difference in how he is walking, a little taller. He says his back really does feel better.

The perfect companion for home therapy. The iReliev Percussive Massager can help give you a relaxing and deep massage from the comforts in your own home. No massage therapist required. This super quiet lifesaver provides rapid 10mm strokes which can penetrate deep into tight muscle tissue which can increase blood flow helping to offer pain relief as well as increase range of motion and function.

This unit comes with the massager, 4 interchangeable head attachments, and storage case. I can’t tell you how much I love my new massager, this post would go on forever. If your doctor says it is ok to use a massager, than this is the only one you will need! Available on their website and on Amazon.

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