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It’s Getting Hot Outside! Get Ready Now!

Getting Hot Outside

We finally are starting to enjoy Spring!  I know it is going to be getting hot outside soon but I am taking advantage while I can.  Before it gets really hot we all have things we want to get done early!  This is your reminder!

While the kids are finishing up all their projects at school parents need to get the air conditioner in top shape, or call Denver AC Repair before it gets hot outside!  During the summer months you can Text Denver AC Repair to get Swan Heating to take care of your needs in a hurry!  No one wants to be hot and miserable and you need access as soon as possible.

While you are at it getting the yard tools ready to go, any oil changes, etc. done so they are ready to use.  Check out the lawnmower and get any repairs, sharpening blades done before your grass is over a foot high coming back from vacation.

Inspect and clean your gutter for any problem areas, also check your roof for any problem areas while you have the ladder out.  Missing shingles and dips may cause bigger problems, so why not avoid them quickly.

Since it is going to be getting hot outside you will want to do maintenance on the pool and get it fill and ready to use!  Check that everything including filters and heaters are working and nothing needs to be repaired.

Replace your smoke alarm batteries, flush your water heater tank to clean any sediment, and oil doors and garage door.

While performing maintenance on your air conditioner, clean and adjust humidifier on furnace.  This is also a great time to schedule your fall maintenance on your furnace while the heating and air conditioning costs are down.

This post is brought to you from Swan Heating!  Remember to Text Denver AC Repair to get fast service.

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