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Japan Fun Box For November @Japanfunbox_com

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Japan Fun Box For November

Are your kids more curious about Japan now?  Well the Japan Fun Box is a great way for the kids to try some of the snacks they sell and eat.  Some are very familiar and they will recognize right away.  Some not so much!

Desiree picked out some snacks for the hunters that were here, to try.  Some they liked and some they didn’t and that is exactly how your child will feel.  Remind them that they eat differently than we do in other countries.  This is a great way to talk about different foods and what others like and don’t like.

This gives you all the different boxes they have.  I love what a great variety that are in the box we received this month.  It must have been the family box because there was a lot inside.  This would be fun for a family to have on a trip or family fun night.  Let the kids hand out samples that everyone must try and not comment until everyone is done.  Or just try and explain what each thing tastes like to the next person. Just like the hunters, everyone will find something they love and hate.  Take out a book at the library about Japan and everyone can learn some things they never knew about Japan, that normally they would not be interested in learning.  Use this as a great teaching moment.

The video shows how much you get.  The quality is not good and the pictures are too dark but Desiree tried.


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