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JL Candy Design The Kids Favorite Candy

JL Candy Design The Kids Favorite Candy

JL Candy Design The Kids Favorite Candy

Kids love to get funny candy that they can share with their friends. JL Candy Design makes fun candy that really tastes great.  It arrives fresh and just in time for birthday parties, holidays, and just because days. JL Candy Design isn’t just for the kids though, it would be a fun gift to give a friend or family member. Santa Butts are great for the holiday stockings.

If you are looking for a funny birthday gift or unique present, then look no further. From birthdays, gag gifts, stocking stuffers and white elephant gift exchange parties, our candy line will make you the hit of the party! They have things that are great for Halloween and since they are individually wrapped you can even take them to school for the parties and they kids will love it.

JL Designed confectionaries don’t require refrigeration, air conditioning, or freezing. Our confectionaries can withstand a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of the product shelf life (typically 2 years) without adversely affecting product quality.

Surprise your fire dog handler with the most flavorsome and silly gift ever. Jellies shaped as FIre Chief Dog butts are guaranteed to make anyone’s day. This ironic gift for first responders is guaranteed to make your animal lover smile!! These are cherry flavored and they are good.

Blueberry flavored Police Dog Butts are always a fun gift to take to a police officers retirement or birthday party. These a jelly candies that everyone will love.

Zombie Butts are a favorite at Halloween. These are green apple flavored.

Dinosaur Butts is a favorite of little ones. They love dinosaurs and they will love these too.

The Santa Barf is rainbow lace licorice.  It is always fresh and tastes great. The kids will want more of this one.

Reindeer Barf is not the only 2 they have, there is a variety of butts, barf, guts, and teeth.  You can find something cute they will enjoy at all ages.

They take pride in their candy products, which is why their main focus is on customer satisfaction. All of their candy is guaranteed to be fresh in sealed package.


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  1. These candles are both hilarious and cute! I love that they have so many different kinds. My kids would definitely get a kick out of these too!

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