Johnson’s Popcorn – Love Their Gifts

Johnson's Popcorn - Love Their Gifts

Johnson’s Popcorn – Love Their Gifts

Johnson’s Popcorn has great popcorn but did you know they have great gifts for the popcorn lover. I love most flavors of popcorn and especially love the sweet ones like caramel.  Johnson’s Popcorn has a lot of flavors like caramel, chocolate drizzle, and cheddar cheese among others. This tastes so fresh and delicious.  I love being able to eat caramel popcorn and easily store it for the next time I want it, knowing it will still be just as fresh as when I opened it. They have great bundles that make awesome gifts for anyone who loves popcorn.

Everyone in the family has their favorite popcorn flavor.  Since Johnson’s Popcorn has 7 different flavors everyone will be able to find their favorite. Surprise someone with a big tub of popcorn or a variety pack.  The one I received is the picture on the top, Popcorn Lover’s Gift Box. This has caramel, cheddar, peanut, and butter flavors, all in one package. This is great for a night of watching a movie or family fun night. This makes a great gift for a family or even a single person that needs to know how good real popcorn is! Forget the microwave kind and get some popcorn that tastes great!


Their world famous caramel popcorn is hand cooked every 7 minutes of everyday. They pop their own popcorn and use the finest ingredients to create their top selling flavor. The air popped popcorn is blended in large copper kettles and mixed by hand the exact same way they started in 1940! The Peanut Crunch flavor has a rich deep caramel flavor that they mix with Spanish Peanuts to create savory clusters for every Peanut lover around! This is slowly cooked and mixed in their copper kettles and then cooled with a special process to make sure every batch is the same.

Johnson's Popcorn Large Cheddar Cheese Tub

Cheese is soooo good. They start with air popped popcorn and fold their Artisan Cheese blend over large kernels. This light creamy flavor is the perfect match for anyone’s salt craving! Their buttered popcorn is made with their air popped popcorn and tossed with real butter and salt. Think the caramel popcorn is addictive? Here is your warning. This. Is. So. Good.

The newest addition to their family of flavors! Their famous caramel corn hand mixed together with their cheddar flavor. They create both flavors separately and blended together for a sweet and salty flavor.

Johnson’s Popcorn is dedicated to quality and satisfaction of their customers. They hold their product to immeasurable standards. If, for any reason, the product you received does not prove their commitment, they will be happy to replace the item for no charge with a new batch of their quality caramel corn.

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  1. This popcorn sounds delicious! I love tins of popcorn, they are definitely a nostalgic thing for me. My grandma would always send us one every year for Christmas, with multiple flavors. Johnsons Popcorns chocolate drizzle sounds so good, I’ve never had this flavor before!

  2. The caramel popcorn looks delish, but I must try salty n sandy! Having different sizes available is a plus in my book!

  3. I love popcorn! We eat popcorn every Sunday night 🙂 I especially like caramel corn and am excited to try these varieties from Johnsons.

  4. My family is the same, we all have a favorite flavor. Therefore, having a variety to choose from is great. I would love to try the Chocolate Drizzle.

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