Junior Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle

Junior Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle

Junior Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle

We all want our kids to drink more water.  With this Clearly Filtered Junior Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle the water will taste better and that will make them want to drink more water. Kids like sweet drinks but if the water tastes better than pretty soon you will see you need to refill this Junior Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle. This is the perfect size for smaller hands. Plus you can fill it and it stays cold for some of the road trips.  That makes them drink more water even on vacation.

The Clearly Filtered® 12-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Affinity® Filtration Technology allows you to transform ordinary tap water into clean and safe drinking water by simply sipping through the straw. Wherever the day takes you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your tap water is free from 99.9% of 220+ contaminants. Perfect for school, water fountains, parks, restaurants, traveling, and more.

  • 12oz capacity
  • Filter Included: Includes first replaceable Affinity Filtration filter
  • Double-wall Insulation: keeps water cold for up to 24 hrs
  • Silicone Boot: for protection and grip


These Junior Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle are available in 4 colors and work just as good as the adult version works.

Clearly Filtered is on a mission to provide people with the tools to take control of their water and live healthier lives. It’s a lot easier to remove contaminants from the water you drink than to remove disease once it has entered the body. That is why they are so passionate about filtration and clean water because they know how important it is for our health and well-being. No one should have to worry about whether or not their tap water is truly clean and safe enough to drink. With Clearly Filtered, you don’t have to.

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  1. Having purified water is so important as we already breathe in dirty air and have so much pollution around us.

  2. This is such an amazing filter, I can’t get over how much more it takes out than others. I love the fact that these are portable as well, what a great way to get your water anytime/anywhere! I need to get one for everyone in the family now.

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