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Just Add Baking Soda – S.T.E.M. Learning

Just Add Baking Soda

Just Add Baking Soda

Get ready to make some easy and fun stuff with the kids. Just Add Baking Soda makes it super easy. I can’t promise it won’t be messy but I can say the kids are gonna love this.  They can make their own volcano, bath bombs, or ornaments.  They can do even more with the instructions included.

Just Add Baking Soda includes everything you will need.  You will love this too.  Find out how easy it is to make the kids some bath bombs and then tonight when they take their bath they will love them again.  This box is full of everything needed.

This kit contains the following items:

Instruction Project Booklet
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Plastic Dinosaur
Squeezy Bottles
Eye Dropper
Latex Gloves
Food Coloring
Star-Shaped Cookie Cutter
White Glue
Watercolor Paper
Wax Paper
Paper Clip

A few of the items you can make:


Invisible Ink

non-toxic glue from milk

dancing gummy worms

lava lamp

fizzy rocks

baking soda ice cubes

baking soda play dough

baking soda crystals

pressed flower ornaments

dinosaur eggs

bath bombs

The instructions in the booklet will tell you what you need and how to make each, step-by-step. The booklet does have 2 other sections for different languages. The instructions are easy to follow and will take anywhere from 30 minutes to up to a week with the crystals.

Get the kids interested in science with this organic kit. Just Add Baking Soda is made to make project with the kids. Spend a few hours helping the kids make their own items they will love and show off to everyone. This S.T.E.M. toy will teach while having fun and that is when they learn their best!

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