Just Add Fruits & Veggies

just add fruits

Just Add Fruits & Veggies

Just Add Fruit & Veggies put those wasted fruits and vegetables to a fun and learning use. The kids will make a mess with this one but the whole time they will be learning about art and science. This set includes everything you and need and you can choose from 20 different activities. Just Add Fruit & Veggies is a fun S.T.E.M. learning game.

What do you do with all your old fruits and veggies – no need to throw them out! This cool STEAM kit will deliver hours of exploration, creativity, learning and enjoyment. With more than 20 science and art activities, Just Add Fruits & Veggies will bring hours of fun and enjoyment while learning chemical reactions, osmosis, germination and study of electricity! This Kit is 8+

Components included in thisJ ust Add Fruit & Veggies box:

Food coloring

Bamboo skewers

Star-shaped cookie cutter

LED light

Rubber bands

Black marker


Paint brush

Alligator clip wire

Instruction booklet

Things you can do with this kit:

Potato stamp

Potato battery

Growing plants from food scraps

Celery experiment

Lemon volcano

Dancing Grapes

Mirror cleaner

and a lot more

The science projects gives you an overview of the project to explain it to the kids easily. The instructions are numbered and are easy to understand and complete. Teach them about electricity, battery power, osmosis, and more. The booklet is in 3 different languages.

Have some fun and make a small mess while the kids are learning and loving this. This is such a great way to use up fruits and veggies that are going to waste anyways. Just Add Fruit & Veggies is a great S.T.E.M learning kit.

Griddly Games specializes in creating STEM and Steam board games and science kits. They hope to nurture a passion for the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math with every one of the games they create. More importantly, though, they hope to make playtime into an unforgettable, fun learning experience.

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