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Kangaroo Oral Care Fun Toothbrush

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Kangaroo Oral Care Fun Toothbrush

It can be hard to get the kids to brush their teeth!  Kangaroo Oral Care helps make that easier with their kids toothbrush.  All they have to do is twist and they will get a sparkly bubble gum flavored toothpaste that tastes great.

Brushing twice per day?! As parents, we all know the struggles of getting children to brush their teeth even once per day! Kangaroo Brush is here to make your child’s brushing routine fun and easy while also reducing your stress-levels as a parent. With an innovative design, the Kangaroo Brush is pre-filled with kid-approved bubble gum fluoride toothpaste that is dispensed directly onto the soft bristles. A simple twist to the toothbrush releases just the right amount of toothpaste so you no longer have to worry about kids overusing or making a mess with regular toothpaste.

The LEDs built-in to the brush are an added touch of fun and work as a 2-minute toothbrush timer so you and your kids know exactly when they are done. Easy and convenient to travel with, each brush features soft bristles, as recommended by the ADA and dentists, a tongue cleaner, and enough toothpaste for bright and clean smiles twice per day!

Kangaroo Oral Care

According to the ADA, toothbrushes should be replaced every 2 to 3 months to ensure effectiveness and avoid bacteria growing on the brush. With Kangaroo Oral Care Brush, it’s simple – no more toothpaste = new toothbrush! As the ultimate oral hygiene tool for kids, each brush has enough bubble gum toothpaste to last 2 to 3 months so you’ll never forget about replacing your child’s toothbrush. We’re on a mission to help parents promote healthy oral hygiene at a young age so your children can have healthy dental habits throughout their entire life. Needless to say, we’re also here for children to have a fun and easy brushing routine with bright lights and delightful flavor that they actually look forward to!

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