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KAPRO Measure Mate

KAPRO Measure Mate

The KAPRO Measure Mate helps you measure and level anything you need.  This works great for doors and pictures.

Kapro measure mate is the ideal tool for home improvement jobs like leveling pictures and mirrors, setting cabinets and shelves, and cutting and aligning wallpaper. Kapro measure mate is a sturdy triangular level and straight edge ruler, with sliding markers and knife guide. It features both Zero and center point scales.

A detachable nail Gripper and drill bit diameter gauge make it easier and quicker to do the job right. Electric and plumbing scale for power sockets and faucets. Nail Gripper for safe and easy nailing. Measures 24-inches length.

The Kapro 227 Toolbox level is a 9″ Long spirit level with one level, One plumb, and one Incline vial for determining horizontal and vertical plane as well as Incline with a sensitivity of 0.001″/inch. The vials are made of injection-molded acrylic to resist breakage. A magnetic v-shaped groove along the base adheres to metal surfaces and provides reliable seating when leveling round items such as pipe, Conduit, and shafts. The frame is molded plastic for light weight and has rubber end caps that absorb impacts to help protect the vials and frame.

Kapro 814 Pro Laser Set-A-Shelf Set-Match Ruler with Line Laser and Stud Finder

Kapro patented Set and Match with laser line and stud finder is the easiest way to hang shelves. This patented Kapro invention makes hanging shelves easy and exact – with just one tool. Whether you’re hanging shelves or cabinets, lining up pictures at home or for an exhibition, or aligning your decorative layouts and patterns: this all-in-one tool will simplify the process. 0-20-feet laser range. Finding concealed metal studs. Measures 36-inches length.

  • Class II Laser, 635 nm, <1mW
  • Horizontal, vertical, or 45° lines
  • Laser range: 20-Foot
  • 2 Easy-to-read vials
  • Integrated magnetic stud finder

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