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KC Cubs Educational Rugs

KC Cubs Educational Rugs

KC Cubs Educational Rugs

We are all trying to find new ways to teach kids.  KC Cubs Educational Rugs can teach the kids all kinds of great things.  All while they are sitting and playing on it. KC Cubs Educational Rugs has a variety of rugs to choose from so whatever they need to learn let them sit on the floor and learn away!

KC Cubs Educational Rugs are so colorful the kids will love them.  They are perfect for both boys and girls.  The kids will ask if they can sit on the floor and play now for a reason.

These rugs are really nice and I really believe every child will want at least one. Honestly I was surprised at how reasonable they are.  Give them a new toy of an educational rug that they won’t even realize how much fun they are having learning.

These come in 3 different sizes 3’3″ x 4’7″, 5′ x 6’6″, or 8’2”X 9’10”. These rugs are great for the kid’s room, living room, rec room. I wish they had these for my kids but that doesn’t mean I can’t spoil the grandkids with them!

This rug is huge!  It is so pretty.  I can’t wait to teach the baby colors, letters, numbers, counting, the alphabet, shapes, and some of the words.  There are probably things on here I am not even thinking about.  This is such a nice rug too. The bright colors will attract the little ones.

With the rubber backing you don’t have to worry about it slipping on floors.  You can see the thick seam all the way around it so no unraveling.  This is made extremely well and should last well until the child is grown up.

They have so many cool designs for these.  From solar systems, United States map, to learning sign language.  This is the coolest thing I have seen for a bedroom in a long time!


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  1. This rug is so GREAT!! My great niece is just a little old for this but she would still enjoy it. I am going to remember this with hopes we get another little one in the family

  2. I have been homeschooling my daughters since COVID, and this is a great learning item for kid. It is beautifully designed.

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