Keep Things Sterilized With KleenWraps

Keep Things Sterilized With KleenWraps

Keep Things Sterilized With KleenWraps

We all have reasons to grab things and now we need to be more careful than ever.  With COVID and other viruses all over we need to protect ourselves in new ways.  KleenWraps helps us do that with their wraps.  They can wrap up a variety of things and keep us safer and healthier. KleenWraps are made with antimicrobial treated materials that reduce odors, inhibit germ growth, and provide a safe barrier from bacteria and viruses left behind on surfaces.

We’re probably more aware of the things we touch every day — because while there was always a risk of germ transfer…now there’s COVID.  Shopping carts, weights at the gym, gas pumps at the station, handles on the subway?  Worry no more…there is an easy way to protect yourself from suspicious surfaces and get some peace of mind with washable, reusable KleenWraps.

This set comes with the tools you need to distance yourself from germs on free-weights, scooters, bus and subway handles and poles, bikes, door knobs and levers, cardio equipment, gas station pumps, grocery carts and baskets, walkers and wheelchairs and more!  Easy to apply—no residue—and their antimicrobial properties are resistant to wear and continue to fight germs after multiple washes.

The Ultimate Set includes:

One pair of our Narrow Wraps (measures 4.7″ x 5.9″)

One pair of our Wide Wraps (measures 5.9″ x 5.9″)

One pair of our Handlebar Tubes (measures 5.9″ long)

Machine washable mesh bag for convenient storage, carrying, washing and easy reuse.

KleenWraps also offers The Fitness Set and The Commuter Set, each for $31.99, and other configurations geared toward different uses, starting at $14.99.

KleenWraps are a reusable, waste-free alternative to disposable gloves, wipes and cleaners. Just machine wash on cold in the included mesh bag (or hand wash if you’d prefer) and air dry before use.

They close with wide Velcro straps positioned to provide an adjustable, secure fit on virtually any size handle. They have grippy traction dots all over, ensuring that even your sweatiest workouts will be slip-free.

All of KleenWraps products feature iHeir-333, an antimicrobial agent produced by iHeir. The agent is ionized to the neoprene and breaks down the cellular structure of pathogens it comes into contact with—reducing their strength and rate of transmission.


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  1. I am obsessed with keeping things clean and disinfected pandemic or not! Thank you for the new product recommendation!

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