Keep Your Hand Sanitizer Close With Bond Sanitizer


Keep Your Hand Sanitizer Close With Bond

I never know when I need the hand sanitizer and would love an easier way to carry it.  Bond Santizer gives that to us.  This just clips onto your pants/pockets, or anyplace that makes it easier for you.  Bond Sanitizer  has made this necessary task easier than ever. We will always have it within arms length without having to dig through a purse or take the chance of it spilling in our pockets.

Always at your side, a personal sanitization that allows for the most effective way of reducing the spread of infectious particles. Made with 100% recyclable materials, it uses less plastic than a water bottle.

Bond Sanitizer Dispenser

Easy to use. Always nearby. Refillable. Leak-free. Eco-friendly. Buy your favorite sanitizer in the big economy bottle – enjoy the savings! Then just refill the Bond cartridge whenever you run low. Choose from three colors and hand-sanitize in style.

Bond’s clean, minimalist design is barely noticeable when clipped to your clothing. Bond is 100% recyclable. Refillable, reusable Bond cartridges reduce waste. A percentage of every Bond purchase goes directly to the American Nurses Association.

Shake hands! Make contact with confidence. Then go for the squeeze. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Bond sanitizer is perfect for

✓ Teachers and educators
✓ Healthcare staff
✓ Retail workers
✓ The office
✓ Hairdressers
✓ Travel and hospitality
✓ Shoppers

Bond Sanitizer is the world’s only one-touch ● wearable ● refillable ● leak-free hand sanitizer.

The easy-to-use design makes this personal hand sanitizer dispenser perfect for travel or everyday life. Using this is as simple as clipping the holster to your waist and squeezing it to dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitizer.

The lightweight and durable design is perfect for any situation. Even in more active situations, like hiking or exercising at the gym, the portable design makes it easy to use.

Give the gift of staying healthy! With its versatile design, the Bond Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is the perfect gift for friends or family.

Bond Sanitizer


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  1. This is amazing! People sometimes don’t realize how much they are spreading germs if they have to go inside their purse for sanitizer or whatever else they may be touching.

  2. This looks like a great product to have when you have to be out and about running errands. I hate having to dig through my purse to find my santitizer.

  3. What a clever idea! Now I won’t always be forced to use the slimy/stinky sanitizers they always have at the store! Phew!

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