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Zoom in on Alt View Zoom 12. Keys and Kingdoms Piano Learning Adventure Game with Keyboard and 3 Month Subscription - iOS, Windows, Mac.

Kids Can Play The Piano Easily With Keys & Kingdoms

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the kids want to play the piano?  Let them learn to play beautiful music while playing their games, the kids will love these games too! Keys & Kingdoms has found the answer with their new keyboard that’s a game controller. Keys & Kingdoms makes it easier than ever for kids to learn how to play music on a real instrument! They will gain effective music skills as they progress through an epic adventure game filled with revolutionary training methods guaranteed to keep them engaged, inspired and craving for more!

keys & kingdoms

We all want our kids to learn to play a musical instrument and they may not want to.  Now with Keys & Kingdoms they will love learning to play the piano and when they learn a song they will then be capable of playing it on a real piano. They will start learning right away.  Each week you will get a report of their progress. Keys & Kingdom uses role playing to teach them how to play an instrument. The program is automatically adapt to each players level of learning. Parents can use this too and play along with the kids.

Keys and Kingdoms is the first ever role-playing game that trains real musical skills and abilities while you play! Unlock the music within as you journey through the dream world of Harmonia full of music, mystery, and magic. This game helps users learn how to build up skills, play songs, and create music through an adventurous, playful, and inspiring role playing game.

They will go on adventures, discover new lands, and battle to save their kingdom all while learning to play the piano. They can choose from over 100 popular songs to play and learn with. Each song is arranged several different times to adjust to each players skill level.

Keys & Kingdom Xkey keyboards are made very well and ready for play.  While being durable they do not weigh much so it is easy for kids to move and take and show off to their friends.  Just download the program, plug in and you are ready to go. Nothing complicated after the original set up. Compatible with iOS, Windows, Mac. This keyboard fits into any backpack, laptop case, or midsize iPad case. This is great for making music anyplace at anytime.

The keyboard is slim that is easy to hook up to any computer or tablet. It is has advanced sensing technology that provides 128 levels of velocity sensitivity. Has high-resolution pitch bend and modulation buttons. Octave up and down buttons give you access to an extended not range. All musicians will enjoy the keyboard alone.

Give your kids the confidents and the means to learn to play the piano with this affordable option. Keys & Kingdoms is Available at Best Buy! This makes a great gift anytime of the year. Give them a gift of learning to play an instrument and they will love you for it.




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